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I wanted to think about her and I quickly got ready to remember and went home.
I loved being alone at my aunt’s house and I lay down on the sofa and began to recall Aunt Valya. She was painted by a burning brunette that undoubtedly was going on.
Of course, I definitely didn’t dream of anything, but I just liked to restore her image, to remember what she said, how she turned, how something hot and pleasant spilled in her chest, looking at the ceiling, I saw Aunt Valya, I wanted to be 30 years old and that I was caring for her .
The aunt came to dinner, although it was already two o’clock in the afternoon talking about nonsense and eating fried flounder, I thought today I had a straight fish day that immediately recalled Aunt Valya again began to recall her: -What did you see on the ceiling, eat, come on , but it will not digest -Good aunt well I did the lessons I turned on the TV there went the ballet immediately turned off my aunt called me to try a pullover which she knitted at the door I rang the bell I opened on the threshold stood Dima I let him in we went to the room -Volodya, and who is that for boy why don’t you introduce a chik -This Dima is my classmate -Dima hello I am Aunt Lyuba, but this okhlamon will not present and where you live in our house, well, unexpectedly, -Aunt we need to talk -You left my aunt -Yes in the evening my house-warming guests will come there mom said that you can also come – he suddenly winked – we drank a beer, drank beer sometime – No, we did not try the mash in the village – The beer wasn’t good, but you’ll come up at eight in the evening, and then it’s boring to you – Of course, today I never dreamed of Aunt Valya, but they give me gifts I have nothing. Yes, what kind of gifts are the same housewarming party, so if the birthday is, then yes, the mother doesn’t like it when my birthday comes without gifts, she has a strict horror, and she’s a kind father, especially when she drinks.

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He had already climbed me onto the bookshelf and was looking at books, but he could not see anything: Okay, let’s not forget it at eight.
Chapter 2 Oh, my younger years, as a simple acquaintance with Dima took place for several hours, and already, as if years and I know a lot about him and I reminded myself, his mother makes a strange impression on me.
I looked at my watch for the sixth hour. I began to think that I’d put on my trousers. They were one of school uniform, but my aunt’s pullover tied a lot of six pieces and chose brown.
– Aunt, I went to visit Dima. – Well, for a short time. – Yes, close by, I quickly called the door to Dima openly, I entered and set the table, the guests were sitting, where, fifteen adults, I certainly didn’t know anyone. I think everyone was surprised at the corner next to me when I entered but Aunt Valya came in and smiled: “This is Volodya, Dima’s classmate. And they all forgot about me. Aunt Valya was wearing a lilac dress. It was very tight for her and it was like a

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second skin my nipples were visible, I only looked at her and rugih noticed: -Boys let’s help -pozvala Aunt Val to the kitchen-here take out the fish pickles and cucumbers, and I’ll go sit with the guests.
Dima and I began to fly from the kitchen into the room and back Aunt Valya led us, adults quietly drunk a particularly bald man, as I understood it. Dimin’s father already tried to sing -supported guests Dima and I rushed over here, Aunt Valya commanded, in general, only ten of them sat down quite decently, Dimin papa discussed the neighbor’s Zaporozhets, loudly inserting, the car enthusiast, Aunt Valya turned red and became especially good Osh and suddenly I noticed that some man from the edge of the table looks into her eyes and smiles and she likes it – Volodya – she called me – let Dima eat and you take away the dirty dishes and wash – and looked into my eyes, I Of course, I caught my breath and rushed to wash everything.
I washed and thought only about her about her magic eyes and suddenly brought out a simple formula that I did not understand why I didn’t see it at once, she was a goddess and I should worship her and like worship.
This idea was formed in my head despite all the absurdity and improbability, it suddenly seemed to me that she needed it and for her I was ready for anything.
All washed out and just finished Aunt Valya came in: -Well-but my eyes looked evil from her pleasantly smelled of alcohol and perfume I lowered my eyes suddenly from behind her hugged the man and kissed her neck glasses for tea and put the tea, only quickly turned gracefully in high heels; the dress only emphasized her figure; the back was straight and the hips went like pistons and she went like a queen to the room. Hidden spy cam mother masturbation.

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