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Natasha decided to herself that she would leave this stain as a symbol of love.
Then they rested, watched porn, talked nicely, and the girl expressed a desire to be satisfied.
They retired to the room.
Mishin member, already accustomed to this kind of overload, got up without problems, and Misha began to fuck the girl at a moderate pace.
Natasha at this time sat on a chair and masturbated, looking at this picture.
Misha liked having sex with her, and he didn’t want to stop so early, so several times before orgasm he dropped the tempo and waited for his arousal to fall, then to start with a new force.
In the end, he could not stand it and finished it.
She had managed to get two orgasms by that time and was already completely exhausted.
Natasha looked at her son and was proud to have raised such a lover from him.
Two days later, Natasha, who had broken off after many hours of petting and sex, watched the only porn they had not had time to see during that time.
It was zoophilic porn, where a young, slim and very beautiful blonde hysterically licked a horse’s dick and tried to shove it into her not-broken-apart vagina.
Natasha, who two weeks ago could not even think about touching a horse member, suddenly got aroused and told her son that she would like to fuck the bay.
Misha was not surprised at all.
On the same day, they went to the village and offered one of the peasants a sum of money for which they could buy a Mercedes C-Class with a small motor if he immediately brought them a horse with a pack of food to them to the country house without asking any questions. Black anal cam.

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