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Soon Irisha joined me and we had a full breakfast.
I even persuaded her to drink some wine so that she relaxed, I had my own plans to that effect.
Irishka quickly cleaned the table and ran into her house to put on her swimsuit.
– Irochka, let’s go somewhere, where there are no people, otherwise I hesitate to flop in the water with someone else’s, like a bag of shit.
“But this is far away, and to swim there decently, but in general I love that place more than all the rocks, this is Cape Plaka, or Mount of Love, whatever you like.
– Come on, of course, we must explore the surroundings.
We went the way we went for a walk last night and after 15 minutes began to descend to the sea.
When I saw the beach to which we descended, I was surprised and said: – Irisha, you said that there will be no one, and there is darkness for the people and in general this is a sanatorium beach, all kinds of shelters and sun beds? – But I still told you that you have to swim for a long time, it’s behind the rock, you can see it only from the sea, people don’t go there, they fear seagulls.
– Why are they afraid of something? Asian adult webcam.

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