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Anisyia livejasmin school girl.
It all happened somehow by itself on a beautiful summer evening.
Whether the August thunderstorm worked, as a result of which electricity was lost, or a cigarette with marijuana, but the romantic atmosphere by candlelight ended with the fact that we began to kiss passionately.
We kissed for a long time, as if delaying the moment after which there would be nowhere to retreat.
Then Artem simply pushed me away and went into the room.
There was no light, as I have already said, but I followed him and sat on the bed.
After a few minutes, he rather rudely pulled off my t-shirt, jeans, panties and bra.
I already felt uneasy.
Besides, it strained that he was doing everything in silence.
At some point he let me go and very quickly undressed himself.
I knew about my brother’s sexual preferences that he sometimes watches porn, and he loves the harder, mostly group sex.

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If in the kitchen our kisses were rather tender, then Artyom fairly rudely threw me on the bed, pressed my whole body and began to bite my earlobe, then my nipples.
At the same time, he stroked his stomach with his hand, then the pubis, dropping lower and lower towards the hidden parts of the body.
All this terribly brought me, besides, even though he was doing it rather slowly, his grip was iron.
When I wanted to say something, he put his hand over my mouth.
I realized that the words here are inappropriate, the maximum allowed moans.
Finally, he began to caress me between my legs, then I put two fingers into my vagina and pulled my lips.
For some reason, I terribly wanted him to lick me.
As if sensing my desire, Artem several times touched his tongue to his clitoris, but that ended the tenderness.

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Quite abruptly, he stuffed his dick into my mouth, removing my hair from my face, but so that they all ended up in his hand.
I started to suck dick, play with his head.
Sometimes he pulled my hair and grabbed my throat.
Nobody ever let me do that, but I liked it.
At some point, he took out his penis from my mouth and leaned on me with his whole body.
I bent my legs at the knees and felt that he had entered me.
We fucked not for long, as he took out a member, turned my back and began to attach him to my ass.
I have never had anal sex before, and I began to break out pretty hard, but he didn’t let me go and said quite merrily, even laughing, “When they jerk, they only hurt more.”
I decided not to resist.
Anisyia livejasmin school girl.

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