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Jules will be mad.
Franz was in no hurry, he knew exactly the time when he needed to go to the basement.
The world around him met him with a dazzling sun and soft wind.
Despite the imminent demise of the Reich, Franz’s mood was excellent.
The soldiers marched past, so the room was already free.
The basement was with a narrow corridor and rather gloomy.
But perfect.
Franz smiled excitedly into the dark void and walked faster to the steel door, behind which there was a dead silence.
He began to worry if she had time to slip away, but he immediately remembered the iron shackles that clasped the body and the cold metal.
Hardly so fast.
Franz kicked the door with a shiny boot.
The room was standard.
Wooden chair and table, sturdy chair for the victim.
Franz licked his parched lips and looked at Jules, who looked at him with an unkind look.
Legs stood side by side, tightly spaced, well tied.
She turned her head away, clearly not wanting to talk.
Franz sat on the edge of the table and adjusted his cap.
He looked at her with that gaze, bending his head forward slightly, frowningly, with his transparent cold-gray insensible eyes.
Jules shrugged her shoulders, trying to get rid of the obsessive gaze, and inadvertently shook off her overcoat, carefully thrown over by the soldiers.
Matter fell to the floor, from which it was drawn with cold.

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Jules was left with a transparent blouse, the first few buttons of which were undone and exposed

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her chest.
Franz turned his gaze to her, and the girl instantly reacted, glaring at him with her prickly blue eyes.
Several minutes passed in the agonizing wait of the inevitable.
Franz finally put his cap on the table, gently straightening it.
Jules watched his movements, smooth, enticing, like a snake.
But he was not even a man, he just ran away from justice and a host, a small demon caste.
The girl snorted.
Why did she follow him? Maybe she loved to watch him driving girls crazy and enjoying his inviolability.
But the time was up, she behaved carelessly, even defiantly, at least for Franz, who decided to take a fee from a friend for the services of a conductor.
He hung his uniform on the back of a wooden chair and loosened his tie.
All this time he did not take his gray glance from her, which glided over her body.
Franz walked around her and stopped at the back, putting his hands on her fragile shoulders, which clasped them.
Jules bent under their weight and jerked her head, waving her blue curls.
He grabbed one curl and twirled it on his finger, playing with it.
He leaned over and leaned forward slightly, leaning on a chair with several kilograms, his chin touched her head, slipped on his cheek and stopped on his shoulder.
He buried himself in her hair and found the girl’s ear with his lips.
Breathing, hot streams lined the neck, leaving under the clothes turned her head.
The intoxicating scent hid in her nose and didn’t allow to sigh, to recover.
She tried not to close her eyes.
This was her last life preserver.
He discovered this, and touched his cheek to her, pressed it.
His hand touched her hair and forehead, dropping over her eyes.
Now she is unarmed.
Franz grinned silently, and hot air touched her face, dangled him in a wave. Amateur teen squirt webcam.

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