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She wiggled her bottom maybe hoping it would ease the pain.
It didn’t so she stopped and waited for the final stroke.
Debra lent down and with her mouth an inch from Susan’ ear said sternly, Don’t forget, girl, that the last stroke is always the hardest. Bit dick gay thumbs.
Susan gasped but managed to say between sobs a very respectful, Yes, Miss.
Debra stood back up, tapped the cane again on Susan’s bottom, pulled her arm back, and delivered the hardest stroke by far.
Susan shrieked out in pain and the tears flowed as she gave out huge sobs. Curly redhead sex gifs.
However knowing it was the sixth and final stroke she relaxed as best she could.
She rested her head back on the table and kept hold of the sides as she let out long heart-felt sobs.
Debra was ecstatic as she put down the cane. Ultimate handjob guide.
She rubbed Susan’s bottom and the backs of her legs and this time watched as Susan arched her back encouraging Debra to run her fingers along her pussy.
Debra again bent down and this time kissed Susan’s wet cheek.

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She asked in a gentle even loving tone, I can do you now, or we can do each other? She kissed Susan’s cheek again.
Well? Susan managed to open her eyes although they were tear-filled.
However she looked towards Debra’s blurred face, sniffed, and said a wet, Each other, please Miss. Futinaria shemales videos.
Debra gently pulled on Susan’s shoulders until she was able to push herself up.
Don’t you want to rub? Debra asked with a smile even Susan saw through her tears.
Yes please Miss, she said feeling almost euphoric. Fat girl jessica loses weight.
Her hands rushed to her bottom and she rubbed herself furiously.
Debra put her arms around Susan’s waist and pulled her close kissing her neck.
Susan was now so relaxed with the pressure gone and she openly sobbed as she put her arms around Debra’s neck and hugged her. Israelisexcams accounts.
Thank you so much, Miss.
I so needed to be disciplined.
I now know how much I deserved to be punished.
Debra shush shushed the still crying Susan, patted her gently, and said, I know you did, and will no doubt need to be disciplined again.

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Susan agreed.
I am sure I will, Miss Debra.
I hope you will deal with me strictly? I will Susan.
All for your own good of course.
I’ll set some rules for you.
Boundaries if you like.
Then when you break them you will know you deserve to be disciplined. ____i www porn sexe xxx usa.
Yes please, Miss.
That would be just what I need.
Susan gave a loving sigh as they hugged each other.
After several more minutes of hugging and kissing Debra said, Better get dressed, Susan.
Shall we go to yours? Jenny_lovely sex fuck chat free. Susan nodded and smiled.
She eased her knickers on gasping as she let the elastic snap against her sore bottom.

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