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Did you like licking my ass? I asked, coating the shaft of my penis with the slippery substance.
Yes, she whimpered, reaching back to rub her fingers over her exposed asshole.
I loved it.
I smiled at her answer as I watched her delicate fingers trace casual circles around her tiny orifice. Penis and vagina fucking.
Me too, I added, leaning down to plant a soft, sensual kiss on the inside of her ample cheek.
Krista purred as she felt my lips touch her skin and ceased the movement of her fingers as my tongue worked its way towards her eager hole. Penitrator01 sex chat room sexo.
Did you like it when I shoved my whole tongue inside your ass? she asked, in a subdued, gentle voice as I licked playfully at her moving fingers.
Oh fuck yes, I hissed, recalling the sensation of having a girl’s warm, wet tongue sliding into my ass.

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It felt amazing.
My licking grew more intense as my tongue began wrestling with Krista’s finger for supremacy over the entrance to her eager asshole.
As she relented and withdrew, I moved in, stabbing her tight little star with enthusiastic, wet thrusts as my hand continued stroking my dick in preparation. Raleigh north carolina heavy beautiful bbw looking for him.
Mmmm, she cooed, pulling her cheeks apart in a lewd invitation.
I want you in my ass.
With her hole nice and wet, I took hold of my cock, now shimmering with a thin coating of lubricant, and moved it into position between her widely splayed globes of flesh. Itaian for cunt.
Krista moaned with encouragement as my wet tip began butting into her taut little ring before slowly inching its way inside.

Oh yeahhhhh, she muttered, allowing her asshole to gradually stretch around my advancing cock. Adams pleasureskin dildo.
I want it deep inside me.
I watched with concentration as her greedy little ass continued to swallow up my length, beckoning me forth with enticing, subtle squeezes and constant lustful moans.
I pushed on, steadying myself by placing a hand on her back and proceeded to sink the remainder of my shaft into her pulsing tunnel. Breaking-ben hot girl boobs show.
Is that what you wanted? I asked with smug satisfaction, wiggling my hips to get every last inch of my pole inside her.
Yes, she replied in a lusty gasp, holding her cheeks pulled wide around my buried cock. Hubby plays with guys dick.
fuck me.
Prompted by her urging, I started to sway back and forth, pulling my dick out a small amount before pushing back inside.
I increased the length of each stroke until my gleaming shaft was sliding deep and withdrawing almost completely with every thrust.

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I continued my unrelenting reaming for the next five minutes as Krista grew more excited with each passing moment.
Fuck yes, she groaned through clenched teeth.
I fucking love your cock in my ass.
Leaning over, I pressed my sweat slick chest against her bare back as I shifted from deep strokes to short gyrations, manoeuvring my dick inside her hole with careful sensual movements of my hips. Free live chat wid prostitutes.
As she panted and gasped with ecstatic delight I whispered into her ear.
I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.
Krista smiled and reached back to hold me close.
Me too, she said softly.
What else have you thought about doing to me? Blog names about dating. Everything, I answered, forcing my dick deep inside her accepting ass.

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