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I thought you would chicken out.
She was even willing to change the game to hold ‘em and play a one on one tournament against you.
This was too much for me to resist.
I played Texas hold ‘em much more than any other card game and I knew Amy was inexperienced at that game… so I took the bet. Cheap sex position pillow.
If she wants to play for the same stakes in a one on one tournament of hold ‘em I guess I will have a servant for another week.
Amy only had one more day of servitude to settle the bet so I offered to be a nice guy and play the game tonight. Fetishes xxx college.
I also said I would let her stop paying off the bet one day early if she wanted to play for the new stakes right away.
At the time I made this offer I did not take into account I had a few drinks in me and that tends to make me a little more reckless when I gamble.

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Jim could see no way that this could end up good for him so he told Judy that they should go home and let us play the game.
Judy said she wanted to watch a little bit of the game but she told Jim it was okay for him to go home. Evg12sha34 website for live sex.
So Jim left and we set up the game.
Amy and I sat down to an equal stack of chips in front of us.
The winner would be the one who ended up with all the chips in front of him or her.
Judy offered to be the dealer for us and we got started. Trans guitar anal.
I knew I could take advantage of Amy’s inexperience playing this form of poker and I bet aggressively right from the start.
This strategy worked initially and I took a decent amount of Amy chips over the course of the first few hands.

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We then got involved in a hand in which the pot built up quickly.
My aggressive betting was called pre-flop, on the fourth street, and on the river.
Amy had flopped a set of sevens so there was no way she was folding and she took the hand and the big pot. Women ready for sex.
That hand gave her a small chip advantage.
Judy took note of the momentum swing.
Oh, oh, Joe.
Don’t look now but Amy has more chips than you.
Are you wondering what you might look like in her skirt? I laughed loudly. Hotwife swinger interacial.
I am not worried.
And I am guessing Amy will have some type of butler uniform for me if I did lose.
After that comment, Amy simply smiled but Judy laughed out loud.
Ha! Yeah, right.
I knew Judy was trying to get into my head and cause me to make a silly mistake that would cost me all my chips. Milf dating in barboursville.
As it turned out it all came down to a matter of luck…bad luck for me.

On the next hand, I flopped a ten high straight but I wanted to disguise it and let Amy bet into me.
The plan worked perfectly until the river card paired the board. Candymoon xxx sex web chat online free.
I thought this gave Amy two pair that made it perfect for me to call her all in bet.
When she flipped over pocket tens I realized she had a full house and I had lost! Amy did not even realize she had won until I sunk my head and Judy broke out in a cheer for Amy. Girls sucking cock tumblr.
Judy chuckled, Oh, you are so screwed now.
I can’t wait to see how you look in heels! Amy just smiled a devilish smile.
Would she really make me wear the same outfit I had her wear? I did not think she would but I was beginning to wonder. Hottest cam girl.
I had really belittled her at times this past week and made a lot of sexist comments.

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