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He’s got me out here where nobody can see what happens.
I decide that the leeches are a bigger concern.
Add to that that I’m a bit of an exhibitionist and this was more excitement than I’d had in many months.
“Uh. Lords of acid i wanna see your pussy.
this is embarrassing.
I can’t see everywhere.
Will you inspect the areas I can’t see?” His POV My heart thumped and my swizzle stick stirred at that request.
“Well, like where do you mean?” “Like my whole backside. Huge asian tities.
I can’t see my own arse!” “Your arse? Are you a Brit? Around here we say ass.
” “I’m a Scot, so yes, technically I’m a Brit, but my husband’s a Yank, excuse me an American, and he likes the way I say arse.

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So how about it?” “We’ve been called worse than Yank, Ma’am.
I’ll be happy to look at your arse for you and I’ll try not to enjoy it too much.
” She pulled her long red wet tresses to one side and I confirmed that her back was clear. Gay and lesbian sociology.
I knelt behind her and checked the backs of her legs, which were also clear.
“Do you want to spread your cheeks or should I?” “Oh god this is embarrassing.
” She leaned forward and pulled her gorgeous buttcheeks open with both hands.

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There was a leech in there, right about halfway between her wrinkled rosebud and the soft pink folds of her pussy.
“Good call Ma’am, you’ve got one on your taint.
” It was crawling and not attached yet, so I quickly grabbed it and pulled it from her. Anna tickle.
Her POV I feel his hand suddenly dig into my crotch and tug some of my pubic hair.
Oi! I thought you said not to pull them.
” “Sorry Ma’am, but this one wasn’t attached yet.

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