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We sit in silence until You pull into the restaurant car park.
You lean over to me and kiss me full on, taking me by surprise.
You place Your hand on the back of my head and it tangles into my hair as Your tongue darts in and out of my mouth. Sexually trasmitted disease from oral sex.
Caught up in the moment I respond lustily, daring to place my own hand on to Your neck – not something I would normally do unless You had specifically invited me to kiss You, but with the toys pulsing inside me I’m hotter than I can ever remember being. No age restrictions sexcam.
Gradually, You slow and then stop the kiss, brushing some hair out of my eyes You smile at me.
Time for lunch I think My sexy slave – if you’re good I may allow you to remove one of the toys before we head to this afternoon’s presentation. Russian mom gangbang creampie.
I perk at this, and climb out of the car, determined to be impeccably well behaved over lunch.
The only thing that worries me slightly as we walk inside is a twinge I get as I realise that I’m going to need to use the bathroom before very much longer… We are greeted at the door and shown to our table which is by the window, overlooking a small court yard, with a fountain in the middle.

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Seeing the water cascading over the feature does nothing to help my predicament, though I can’t quite bring myself to mention it to You, because I am sure that You will take delight in making me wait.
The waiter approaches after a short while and takes our order from You. Married bisexual swingers.
As is customary when we eat out like this, You decide what I will have.
I don’t mind this, as You always make a good selection.
You ask the waiter to bring us a jug of iced water and when it arrives You fill my glass. Rachel mcadams tits.
I sip it as slowly as possible whilst we wait for the food to arrive, all the time conscious of my growing need for the bathroom, and trying to look anywhere but at the fountain.
No sooner am I half way through the glass of water, than You pick up the jug and refill it, a slight smile on Your face.

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I understand in that moment that You are aware of my need – You are just waiting to see how well I obey Your order.
I know that I can’t hold out for much longer, or it will really start to hurt, especially with the toys inside me heightening sensation in that general area, so I swallow my pride, and say quietly, Master… Yes My sweet? Gay hole hunters. You reply, looking right at me and stroking my hand with Your fingertips.
May I please be excused for a moment? I say, wondering if perhaps You will let me off the hook, just this once.
Of course, no such luck. Erotica loving wives stories.
That depends, You answer.
Why does my little slut wish to be excused?

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