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Needless to say I became very excited.
She looked at me and, with a big grin, she told me that two presents she had planned would now have to be three.
Cindy proceeded to give me one of her very long teasing and prolonged orgasm-denial handjobs. Short hair blond milf.
I was grinning and enjoying her handy work at first but after around thirty minutes I was begging to cum.
I was going crazy just needing to cum and Cindy knew it.
She was so wonderfully and horribly good at entertaining herself with my cock. Woman having anal sex with bottle.
Every time I even started to cum she stopped and watched me throbbing but not quite cumming.
Finally, she finished me off.
I erupted like a volcano.
There was cum everywhere but she didn’t stop.
She kept on stroking me. Ilaiza videonude sex online.
Her hands, all gooey with my cum, attacked the head of my cock.
I was begging again – only now I was begging her to stop.
She kept it up for another ten minutes or so and I was in tears by then.
“I need you just like this,” she said, “for your next present.
” Cindy showed me a chrome steel cock ring and cage.

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Using my own cum for lube she put the ring around my cock and balls then slid the cage on.
When I heard the loud click of the padlock, at that moment I was relieved my poor abused cock was safely out of her hands. Belle ebony.
Of course I asked about the keys and she just laughed.
“We’ll discuss that later,” she whispered.
Moments later I was introduced to Teri, a tattoo artist friend of Cindy’s.
Cindy then held a drawing of a tattoo I had designed myself but had never had the nerve to get done. Veroniki live stream sex no sign up.
Cindy told me that the sketch was found in my stuff along with most of the other ideas she’d used on me.
They were all fantasies I’d written down over the years and, suddenly, I understood everything about Cindy. Nude women moriarty.
The tattoo outline was easy.
When it came to coloring it all in on my lower belly I was in agony.
Now I knew why Cindy had tied me down.

Almost two hours later I was marked for life.
Cindy whispered to me how lucky I was that she’d found the tattoo I’d designed. Hennepin oklahoma women married and naughty.
She told me that she was planning to have “SLAVE” and her name tattooed on me! Cindy told me that her house would be leased to two lesbian couples for the next year.
She offered me to them as a houseboy but they politely turned her down. Free private live adult web cam shows.
They did agree that, once a month, I would drop by and show them I was still locked up in my chastity cage.
If I was, they would send Cindy an email and she would put another thousand dollars into my bank. Man friend lover fwb.
All I had to do was ask for the keys and Cindy would mail them overnight to me but the money would stop.
“I’ll bet you can’t go a whole year,” Cindy whispered to me.

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