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And above her, filling her view was the beautiful brown face of Raul, who was whispering softly to her in a language that she couldn’t understand.
Michelle’s climax lasted for a long time, and even after it finally passed, the feeling of happy fullness remained. Woman looking for sex 65802.
Michelle lay there on the table, not thinking, not even feeling, but just being.
After some time – though she couldn’t tell whether it was minutes or hours – she noticed that Raul was gone and that she was alone in the darkened room. Read wife swapping stories.
She stood and stretched.
Her body felt loose and warm, and when she caught sight of herself in the mirror, her first thought was that she was beautiful: like a mother goddess.

She dressed slowly, and quietly, then exited the room. Legged long slut.
Raul was standing behind the desk in the front area.
You had a good massage? he asked.
Yes, Michelle said.
It was – it was heavenly.
Raul smiled, and Michelle watched his dark handsome face with its white teeth like snow. 4 year age difference dating.
Will you – Michelle started.
Will you be filling in for Amanda long? Just today, said Raul.
Michelle’s heart sank.
But, he said.
If you liked today’s massage, maybe you can come and see me privately.

At my practice. Shemale long tame movaes.
I have some other techniques that maybe you’ll like.
Michelle smiled.
That would be wonderful, she breathed.
He slipped her a business card.
Michelle dug her wallet out to pay, but Raul stopped her.
No, he said. Black girls pussy shaved.
This one’s free.
But I liked it.
I was satisfied, Michelle said.
Not as much as you’ll like the next one, Raul said.
Then he turned and walked down the hallway.

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