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On Monday, there was the jerk who ran into her car as it was parked on the street outside her house, busted out a headlight, and left without leaving a number.
On Tuesday, she hadn’t met her sales quotas, and so they made her stay after work for an hour and a half doing cold calls until she hit them. Paid for donating sperm.
On Wednesday, she got pulled over and ticketed about the busted headlight, despite her best efforts to look simultaneously sad and sexy for the policeman.
On Thursday the car place told her it would cost $300 for repairs and that they’d have to keep it over the weekend, which meant that she had to pay for a cab to work on Friday, where she had a surprise performance review where they’d threatened to put her on probation.

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Michelle had her massage scheduled, and she’d go and get to lie in the dark and close her eyes and feel the soothing touch of another person’s hands on her skin, and nothing—absolutely nothing—would be her responsibility. My wife and her friends watch me masturbate.
So, despite everything, Michelle was smiling when she dragged herself out of bed Saturday morning and headed down to the massage parlor.
She always went to the same place and always had the same therapist.

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Amanda knew where she was tight and what sorts of strokes she liked.
Also, Amanda had seen her naked before, so at least she didn’t have to worry about being judged.
Michelle pushed open the door and walked inside. Sexy praivate chat.
The air was cool, and the room was darkened by slatted, wooden blinds.
A small Zen fountain burbled in a corner, and relaxing flute music was playing.

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