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You would smell me as soon as you began to toss your head in pleasure.
I quietly left, knowing you were still under the impression that I was there, watching as he took you.
I would have loved to have seen that look on your face when he removed the blindfold. Basketball girls having sex in shower.
You would frantically glance around the room for another man; one that was not there.
Well, I will just have to wait for the video he is sending me.
He did tell you about the video, right? Closing my eyes Feeling your fingers running down over my body, As we kiss softly, Getting more passionate. Female sexual penetration denial.
Your fingers moving down over my stomach Slowly onto my thighs.
Moaning as you rub your fingers, Over the outer lip of my pussy.
Slowly pressing in one finger, Then another rubbing my clit.
Oh baby yes there Feeling you licking, Then sucking my left nipple then the right. Dildo giant woman.
Feeling my breathing change Catching in my throat.
As my legs start to tremble.
I open my eyes to look at you, But you aren’t here The only company I have Is that of hot water of the shower, running over me.

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Both were dripping and eager to be filled.
And I was ready too – with a raging hard-on looking for a warm, wet hole to crawl into! I moved into position, taking aim at Angela’s waiting cunt.
Laying on her back with her legs spread, she had just taken a good paddling so I figured I owed her the first fuck.

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Besides, I wanted Roberta to stew a bit more before she felt my cock for the first time.
I had spent the last few days “edging” her – keeping her right on the edge of an orgasm without giving her release – and I wanted to make sure when she did feel my cock inside her, she would remember it! Movies with mutual masturbation themes. So taking cock in hand, I rubbed the head of it across Angela’s sopping pussy, using her own ample juices to lubricate my hard rod.
Angela moaned as she felt me at her pussy and I saw her hands clench Roberta’s. Allinacedating.
She opened her legs a bit more as if asking me in and I took her up on her invitation, running my cock through her parted pussy lips, getting the entire shaft wet and slicked up.