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Oh hell, muttered my randy wife when she realized that she was not going to get another turn.
________ Jim was the next lucky guy, which improved Melanie’s mood, because it meant that she was going to get eaten by Jim while Phil screwed her ass. Smalll new york bisexual.
There had to be the possibility of an orgasm in there somewhere! Okay, said Mel, reading from her notes.
We are going to need Phil, Mike, Sue, me, and of course Jim, for this.
Suze, you are going to be riding Jim’s cock. Chat with karma adult speed dating.
Jim, do you want her cowgirl or reverse cowgirl? Cowgirl, so I can play with her tits.
Mike, you are going to be doing Sue’s ass while she rides Jim.
Phil, you are going to be doing my ass while I sit on Jim’s face. Red head milf glory hole.
Make sure you do a superb job.
This last was said with a wicked grin.

Hey, with an ass like yours, how could I not? Phil replied gallantly.
Flattery will get you everywhere, my wife rejoined.
In this case, up my ass. Mumbai girls sexy vedeo.
We all laughed.
Did I mention that you look exceptionally radiant and sexy tonight, Mel? Jim asked with a grin.
More laughter.
Christ, Jim, my wife observed, You’ve been practically living up there this weekend! Scarf bondage videos. That reply caused the loudest laughter yet.
I was thinking of moving in, if it’s okay with Nick, Jim suggested dryly.
Yeah, there’s plenty of room, I responded.
This time everybody broke up, except Mel, who gave us an aggrieved Hey! Man fucks wife and secretary. With the trash talk out of the way, the five players got down to it, in the Party Pit this time.
Jim lay on his back, Melanie got astride his face then spread her knees wide until her pussy was lowered to his lips.

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Sue slurped Jim’s cock into rigidity, then mounted him in the cowgirl position and placed his hands on her breasts.
Mike stuck his cock into Sue’s mouth and Phil stuck his into my wife’s mouth, to get fluffed back to life, then Phil drilled into Melanie’s ass and Mike plugged in to Sue’s. Online web seks.
Then everybody got down to it.
Jim’s tongue started slurping along Melanie’s cleft, and flicking her clitoris.
His hands were busy with Sue’s nipples.
Phil took Mel by the hips and began running his cock in and out of her ass with long, slow strokes. Naked girl webcams.

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