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We would often go to their homes and they would come to our house, especially when we were having bad weat5her and could not be outside playing.
I remember one time when we were at our next door neighbor’s house where Lucy’s best friend Doris lived, it happened that her brother Jerry was home too, Jerry was about three years older than I was and we were friends but not very close. Pof toll free number.
Jerry suggested that we should play a new game called spin the bottle.
There were four couples all in the same age group I would say ranging from twelve to sixteen.
Lucy was thirteen and I was fourteen at the time with Jerry being the oldest because in a few weeks he would be seventeen. Bbw sex tok ak.
It seemed that no one knew how to play the game except for Jerry.
Jerry explained that the game was very simple and he demonstrated it by spinning a bottle.
“Now when the neck part point at one of the persons in the circle that person has to give you a kiss.
” He kept on: “Now if the neck points to a person of the same sex then the person on his or her right must give the one spinning the bottle a kiss.

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Then the bottle is passed to the one who had to give the kiss.
We then sat in a circle, to my right was Doris who was 13, to her right was Fred, age 12, his twin sister Connie, was to his right, Then Jerry at her right, my sister Lucy to his right then Paul age 12 and his sister Jane age 13 was to my left. Mature nude tits.
Since Jerry was the oldest he said that he would spin the bottle first.
He spun the bottle and it ended pointing at Jane the 13 year old, she gave him a kiss and Jerry liked the way she kissed.

We continued spinning the bottle and when it became my turn for the second or third time after spinning it landed on Jerry. African hairy pussy girl.
Everyone started to laugh, I asked: “what’s so funny?” “Look where the bottle ended” every one shouted at the same time, “you have to kiss Lucy your sister.
” Well I started to blush and so did Lucy.
I went to Lucy and gave her a light kiss on the cheek.
“Whoa” said Jerry, “That’s not the way you should be kissing your sister. The benefits of online dating.
Let me show you what I mean.
” He called Doris to him and took her in his arms and planted a long kiss on her lips.
We could not tell if it was a French Kiss or not but Doris’ cheeks were very red when Jerry ended the kiss. Sexchat skype girls.
Since I was standing next to Lucy I helped her get up and took her in my arms and started to kiss her, at one point I opened my lips slightly to wet them and Lucy opened her mouth and my tongue entered her mouth and we started to French Kiss.

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I didn’t know that Lucy knew how to kiss like that.
As we were kissing we could hear everyone clapping and saying “Go, Go, Go, over and over until we came up for air.
Lucy cheeks were very red but she was smiling at me and I returned her smile and then formed the words I love you with my mouth and she nodded her head as if saying yes! Sexxxxx35 www sex local cam pk. We continued playing until it was time for all of us to go home for supper.
Lucy and I were the last one’s to leave but just before leaving Jerry cornered me and asked me: “Did you like that kiss you gave Lucy?” I replied: “It was okay.
” Jerry replied: “I know that it was more than okay I saw your action with the tongue, but I don’t believe anyone else did, keep it up.
” Lucy was already outside waiting on me so I hurried out the door and as I got closer to her she frowned and asked me.
“Why are you blushing?” “It’s Jerry he saw me French kissing you and he told me to keep it up.
” I told her.
“Well was it so bad kissing me like that?” She said.
“No, I liked it very much, but I didn’t know that you knew how to french kiss.
” I replied. Candicebabygi chaturbate 2camxxx.

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