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All the guys grabbed another beer afterwards and chatted among themselves.
Oliver then announced that it was time to head off to bed, before he and Max departed.
Once they had left the remaining three men moved back to the bed. British granny dildo.
As Mason again began servicing Andre’s log, Logan lay next to Andre fulfilling his earlier fantasy.
Gripping Andre’s head he commenced kissing him again.
In a ‘quid pro quo’ gesture, Andre commanded Logan onto his stomach and mounted him. Charley chase deepthroat love.
Andre was not about to let a third anal incursion go a begging.
As he pounded into Logan, Mason located Andre’s arse-hole and rimmed the hell out of him.
Pandemonium ensued as the three men went ballistic. Nude girls in aurora colorado.
Their combined pleasure soon pushed Andre over the edge, and he shot his third load into yet another manhole.

After Andre moved off Logan, Logan lifted his body and commanded Mason to move under him.
Mason slithered up under Logan like a snake, before Logan plugged straight in and began fucking Mason’s arse. Married man seeks moose jaw with married attached women.
Being close, after his own anal assault, Logan did not last long and shortly Logan shot his spunk into Mason.
Andre then decided he was also not done after witnessing the scene before him, and a fourth anal incursion could not be passed by. Catch my dick.
As Logan dismounted, Andre jumped on Mason in a flash.
He had saved his most vigorous onslaught for last, and virtually pounded Mason like a kid in a jumping castle.
With sweat dripping off him Andre unloaded into Mason, minutes later. Is tyrone in northern ireland.

After a fuck-filled evening, Mason and Logan decided to head for bed soon afterward.
As Andre was saying goodbye to them at the door, they observed Christo on his way back to his room.
Andre wondered about the evening that his buddy Christo had experienced, before finally drifting off to sleep. Big boob women hunters.
After an early breakfast the following morning, Andre and Christo were on their way back home.
Andre pondered how he would eventually raise the topic of the evening’s events with his buddy.
He and Christo would again be working away from home in two weeks’ time. Seeking female fishn partner.
Maybe, he thought, that he would broach the subject on that occasion.

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