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He almost fainted on the spot, but when her soft, warm lips enveloped the head of his dick, he knew he was very much awake.
Her mouth opened fully and slid down his shaft.
She stroked her mouth up and down several times, stopping at the head to give a few teasing licks – finding that oh-so-sensitive spot just under the ridge. Crazy loud orgasm.
At some point her hand joined in on the fun, but he wasn’t entirely sure when.
He was lost in the sensations of her sweet mouth when he noticed a firm grim stroking him rhythmically, his shaft now dripping with a mixture of her saliva and his precum. Ladies in sexy panties.
His dick twitched and jumped every time she lingered on the head.
Oh hot damn, but she was working him good! His hands were tangled in her soft hair, lightly urging her on.
He couldn’t remember the last time he’d had a blow job like this.

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Soft moaning sounds escaped her and he could tell she was just as turned on as he was.
Her mouth and hand pumped up and down his dick at a frantic pace now and just when he thought it could not possibly feel any better, she reached out her other hand to cup his balls. Winn me cheating wives.
Alternating between gentle massaging motions and light, feathery touches.
Playing with his balls eagerly while she brought him closer and closer to his release with her mouth.
When they were married before, Ashley never swallowed. Beautiful girls showing off pussy video.
Well, she had once, but didn’t really like it.
Shaun had been such a pain in the ass about her trying it again, that she refused from then on…just for spite.
Adam had approached it entirely differently though (since he’d never had it happen before Ashley anyway).

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He never pressured her…but he also had trouble warning her in time when they first started having sex, because he came so quickly.
After a few accidents, Ashley realized it wasn’t so bad and had actually grown to like the taste of his cum. Nude big boob girls in car.
Now faced with Shaun’s eminent orgasm, she decided to really blow his mind ( no pun intended).
his hips bucked against her mouth, he heard her gag slightly a few times.
He should ease up – but he couldn’t help himself…it felt too good to stop. Lilisenok horny grils chatting.
The sensation that appeared just before he was about to cum, began to build and he signaled to her I’m almost there.
He raised his hand to stroke himself for the finale and shoot his load in her face, but Ashley released his balls, grabbed his hips in her hands, and buried his shaft in her mouth – all the way to the base.

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He came instantly, lurching towards her and nearly losing his balance.
He felt his load hit the back of her throat and was in awe of the sensation.
He must be dreaming…she’d never let him do it like this before. En bikini qui.
The sheer thought of her gift to him stretched his orgasm further than he thought possible.
Never backing away, Ashley held her mouth to him tightly, taking his full load.
His hips locked in place as he rode out the rest of the spasms from his spent dick. Japanese amateur swallow.
When at last he was done, she slowly withdrew him from her mouth, licked her lips and looked up with a satisfied grin on her face.
Holy fuck, Ashley! When did you learn to do that?

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