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Just sit.
But I asked them to sfotkat us together.
– Cool? HE:

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“Cool” !? – Fuck !! I: I thought you would like that I was pushing her myself.
HE: Yes, pushing! – And who is shooting?! Damn, and this!? I: This is my wife holding me by the end.
And nothing.
HE: With foreign men! I: So, she will give me another blowjob now! – In! HE: Bliiiin !! – SUCK !! Have these friends jaws, probably, have fallen off!? I: Well, they were interested, I will not hide it.
HE: Yes !? And it was interesting to suck your wife with them? Me: As she later confessed, she liked it.
HE: You are both perverts! Me: Well, apparently, not only we! You look at yourself: you sit without a stock port, with a riser on my wife, by the way.
So, my friend, you, too, that still pepper! HE: Looks like it.
But I fuck you out! – Oral! When strangers! I: And what!? – Beautifully sucks! Do you like it? See how deep it takes.
HE: Understandably, it takes you great.
But people.
I: Igor, what’s the difference !? If I like to give in the mouth to my wife, that is, with outsiders! And my wife enjoys it !! “It’s just stupid when strangers look at her and get up!” Look further and do not be indignant.
HE: Yes, I am not indignant, I am afraid to be obscured! I: You really, buddy, if you’re done to end, after all, run to the bathroom.
HE: No, I will suffer.
I want to watch very much.
I: Correct! It will be even more interesting.
HE: I even imagine that I’m afraid that you were there again.
I: Here, look.
I’m cumming into her mouth.
Like? HE: Damn, cool! As in porn !! I: Better, buddy! Much better!! No porn can compare with his own wife! This I tell you for sure.
HE: Listen, what are these !? Guys, in a sense? Me: Nothing, they sit for themselves, comment.
Sneak up naturally.
And you yourself, what would you do? – turned away, or what? HE: Well.
I have no idea! I can not even imagine.

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If you, when I started to give Irka in your mouth !? Me: Yeah.
HE: No, I probably would not remain indifferent.
But, damn, and suddenly I would have wanted, eh !? Me: Clearly, I would like to! Otherwise, what about such a performance? Everything just for this is done, buddy.
And it is desirable that the audience was naked – very much Irka likes to look at the erection of the observers.
HE: An erection is understandable, Dimych.
Did it ever occur to you that such spectators suddenly want to become participants? Join you, eh? I: That would be great! HE: What do you mean !! ?? Me: In the same sense, Igor, that Irka and I deliberately do everything for this! HE: So they ?.
I: Of course! What did you think? – What are we, just, such party-goers? HE: Well.
Me: So I say that my wife and I like group sex.
It’s simple! HE: Not a fig yourself, – “just”! Have you already tried!? I: Many times! HE: And I, damn it, like the last sucker, – neither by sleep, nor by spirit !!! I: Oh, come on Igor! I learned the same.
He found out! Now.
And how many years have you been fond of this crap? Me: Yes, five years already, come at least.
HE: And with whom? I: Yes, you see the pictures, and see everything yourself.
HE: Are you serious? – And with these!
Me: Yeah! And with Greek on the beach.
Just do not take pictures.
Not before it was.
HE: That is, your Irka was fucked by these two moose, in front of you? I guessed.
HE: And you just looked at all this !? Me not.
Not just looking, but taking pictures.
You see? HE: I see, damn it! Now everything is clear with you – perverts !!! I: Well, you can say so.
But do you like photos? – We look further? HE: Of course, we look! – What are you !! In! – Began!! Me: What started there? Just think, hug.
HE: So she keeps them for the members !! I: Well, yes! – Do not hold their fingers as their !! HE: Listen, friend, what about you? You’ve seen it all! I: So what?
All the same, we decided on this.
According to the announcement found a woman in the parameters suitable for my man.
We arrived at a rented cottage.
Cooked picnic skewers.
Soon a golden foreign car arrived and a gorgeous blonde got out of the car.
It turned out to be a talkative, cheerful and relaxed woman of about 30.
My Darling did not take his eyes off this blue-eyed.
I was greatly embraced by the jealousy that this woman was taking my Beloved: They tried the kebabs, he treated her all the time and looked at her with greedy eyes.
Together they entered the house.
I stood a little and rushed after them.
When she entered the house, this woman took off her outerwear and found herself in a very open estimation.
Open back, transparent blouse, without bras.
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