The secret sex lives of romeo.

The secret sex lives of romeo.
He continued to caress her hand.
She quickly turned on, he again managed to insert into her whole hand.
Squeezing her fist inside, he continued to ram it all up, increasing the amplitude.
And now the fist jumped out and came back, almost without meeting resistance! It was about time to go on.
I took the bottle and tried to insert it again.
This time, after several attempts, the bottle literally fell into it.
Only the neck sticking out.
Moving the bottle in it, he watched with delight as her stomach stretched, puffing out, the tact of the bottle.
She finished again.
Holding the bottle by the neck was uncomfortable.
He went the other way, which was next.
Well smearing her anus, introduced into it first two fingers, then four.
Feeling the smoothness of the bottle under the thin web of flesh, he moved his hand stronger and stronger.

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Now all the fingers in it.
Her body is wedged by the bottle, and her arm is hard to move forward.
The girl begged to stop, even tried to twitch just more perching on the arm.
And then the bone entered into it, and then the whole brush.
The girl just gasped.
He looked at her back, covered with beads of sweat, at the widely stretched lower abdomen, at his hand sticking out of her ass towards her, felt the neck of the bottle with his wrist, and did not believe that this could be.
Then he took it off with cheap wine, then the bottle was in her again, she didn’t put her hand in her ass anymore.
I thrust the camera from the bicycle wheel and pumped it up.
So with the pump cord in the anus, she fell asleep.
The next day, after a shower and a cup of coffee, again caressed her huge stretched vagina with his hand.

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The hand literally fell into a hole that was broken through the night.
And then She got dressed and left forever.
The story is completely real, I would come up with a more beautiful.
Only a few details are changed because She called me and wants to come again.
In the mansion there was turmoil and panic.
Not later than tomorrow, the arrival of the owner and ruler of the local places of the Bug itself with the whole family was expected.
This was the first visit to the newly built manor.
Architects, contractors, along with the serf dvor, awaited this event with trepidation.
The secret sex lives of romeo.

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