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Agreed Yang.
“All right, good night.”
I’ll go.
– Good night Yanchik! – Mike waved my hand.
Approaching him from behind, sitting next to me, I said: “Well, why Dan, shall we sleep?” – Right now? he asked, smiling.
– Well yes.
It seems like time is already pulling back.
– Come on.
Turning off the TV, I lay down and began to look at how Denis is undressing.
He caught the “attention” on my part, began to ape.
At first, slowly pulling off the T-shirt, he coquettishly smiled at me, from which I felt a rush of color to my face.
But when he turned his back on me, and lowering his jeans along with his panties, as if he accidentally leaned over and took everything off! I lost control of myself! – Hey! What are you doing! – I screamed feeling my hands go numb.
Why are you taking off your pants?

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But I could not finish.
Since he instantly jumped on me, and my mouth was already busy with his lips.
Not fully aware of what happened, I first tried to free myself from his arms.
But he just took my hands, and putting them along the body, pressed his knees and with the tip of his tongue he held my lips.
What killed me even more was that I could not do anything with myself! At first I thought I was crazy, and that it probably seems to me.
But when Denis stopped with kisses, slowly moved to the neck, and then began to sink lower, I realized that SUCH – could not seem.
So somehow that stretched my shorts, clearly indicated that it was not a dream.
Finally, stopping the “torture”, Denis, struggling with frequent breathing, asked me: – Well? I was lying as if I was ohrenachili something on the head.

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It seemed to me that, behold, I would be cut down, – everything was swimming in my head, as if I was drunk.
– What was it? – still not believing my eyes and body, I said.
– Did you like it? he asked, smiling broadly, still sitting on my horse.
– No comments.
I almost went crazy.
Is this a new bedding ritual? – I asked him still not moving.
– Yeah.
Really cool? – Denis laughed.
– Damn it.
So clinking in the morning is not a problem.
– Well, did you like it or not? – Denis continued to laugh.
– You know Ding.
To be honest, yes.
But somehow.
I already thought about that.
I knew that it would be so.
And why all this? Denis without dismounting me, throwing a blanket over his shoulders, said: “You are my brother, and everything is possible with my brother,” he said, smiling.

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