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Not in the sense of “whether to give, or slap,” just from Katyusha’s stories it followed that “He has a soul, he also needs to talk later,” and what skeletons are in the closet, that is, in the soul, middle-aged, unhappy , a drinker and a talented person will show up – it is not clear (so far we have talked mainly about literature and cinema).
Maybe he will be highly artistic and with an expression (the honored artist will not be given in vain) to tell how he was offended in the fifth grade by Galya’s refusal from the first desk at the window.
Or maybe not.
In the end, after the story with Misha, three months passed, and the young healthy organism demanded it.
At another tea party (we were sitting in a room on the couch), Alexander went on the offensive according to all the rules of those times when he was at my age: as if by chance I covered my palm and began to tell me how beautiful I was.
And it was pleasant, because, unlike his peers, he, telling what eyes I had, really looked into the eyes, and not on the neckline (I have the fourth size; my friends are jealous, and sometimes I want to be noticed not only ).
Outside, it started to rain.
We kissed slowly.
These kisses did not ignite such a mad desire in me, but twilight, quiet jazz from a tape recorder and the smell of coffee – all this created a surprisingly pleasant atmosphere.
After about half an hour – the cassette was over and the tape recorder turned off with a loud click – he moved on to the next stage – he began to stroke my neck.
It was amazing how his hands, so big, could be so agile, but it was very nice.
The excitement was kind of soft and enveloping.
I felt like a Lolita, seduced by Humbert Humbert.
Suit a la middle-class student-pupil – a skirt and a white shirt – very much contributed.
-Will we dance? He led very confidently: professional though.

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Then we stopped dancing and continued kissing.
He began to unbutton my shirt, and I slipped my hands under his sweater.
We lay on the bed and continued kissing.
At the time of leaving her lips, I began to descend below, to

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the velvet neck, smooth shoulders, untied the belt on my robe and bared an elastic chest with firm nipples and began to fondle these insane mounds with my tongue.
She ran her long, thin fingers of one hand into my hair, the fingers of the other hand slipped through the collar of the jersey to my back.
With my stomach, I felt a fever in the lower abdomen and sent my lips there.
The taste and smell of her bosom made me dig into this source.
Her fingers squeezed my head, my back arched towards me and a moan escaped from my chest, spilling music into my ears.
After a few minutes of such caresses, she squeezed my head with her legs and shuddered at the first waves of orgasm.
Her fingers relaxed and I went up to her face, pressed my lips to the closed eyelids.
A minute later, she opened her eyes and looked at me with gratitude, through the veil of not fully experienced pleasure.
So we lay for another fifteen minutes, looking at each other and not understanding why we were still not together.
I touched her face, played with thick hair, straightened hair that had strayed from a strict beautiful line of my eyebrows and drove my little finger over the opened lips in hot breath.
She smiled and looked at me, her hand wandered over my chest, then she lowered herself on her stomach and went down under her pants.
Needless to say that everything was tense there and he was stretching towards her like a sunflower toward the bright summer sun.
Knocking me back, she unbuckled the belt, then her fly, lowered her pants and underwear, freeing my captive.
Down to my body, she pressed her lips to her nipples, and directed my soldier with her hand into a more pleasant, tight captivity of the elastic mounds of her chest.
I lost track of time, fell through space, the center of my universe concentrated on the blood-filled end of my body, which after a moment, gently wrapped around the velvet lips of Mary.
I was ready to explode, and when she swallowed him completely and I felt the hot warmth in her tight throat, and the dense ring of her lips at the very base of the penis, I was overwhelmed by a strong orgasm, and I poured into her.
She sucked every last drop and continued to caress him.
He did not even think to relax.
Dumping and stupid tension, we proceeded to the main.
Maria sat on top of me, sent a fighter to her bosom and gently planted on him.
It was cramped in her cave, my dick filled it all up and rested against the wall, pushing the languid “ooh” out of my chest. Online sex chat sites.

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