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From the abundance of emotions, a mixture of fear, pleasure and pain, Katya lost consciousness for several minutes.
She came to her already with a male member in the anus, and perceived everything as if in a fog.
She fell asleep, strapped to the machine.
From that day on, the woman’s life changed.
Almost all the time she spent strapped to the machine, once a day, two men directly on the machine transported Catherine to the next room, and helped to sink into the water.
He took a particularly long time to rest, lying in the warm water, Kate was not allowed, she had to swim for at least a kilometer.
If she was swimming too slowly, one of the companions whipped her with a long whip, which cut through the skin to the blood.
Exhausted woman literally carried out of the water and fastened to the machine.
For the “day” it was used two times, sometimes one, once four.
Four horses, for a “day” with a duration of 5 hours, of which 4 Katia was asleep, and water procedures took about an hour.
The woman lay fastened to the machine, and did not know when and how many times she would be covered.
Oiled, excited vagina every minute was ready to take a huge horse dick.
The most interesting thing is that Kate liked what she was doing, and every time she looked forward and eagerly for another unnatural intercourse.
In total, the stable had a couple of dozen stallions, but Catherine liked the crow most of all, her first.
The woman was distinguished by his smell and penis, and when the black man possessed her, she tried to accept him as much as possible, and podmahivala especially passionately.
Katya lost track of time a long time ago, all of her minidays merged into kilometers of huge horse members belonging to her.
Catherine Alexandrovna restaurateur reminded about the time.
“Mare, the summer is over, and after 3 days your husband’s ship returns to Petersburg.”
He said, unbuckling his belts.

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Having walked around a woman, he easily put his hand on the wrist into the female vagina.
Huge horse members thoroughly stretched Katina pussy, and the fist went almost without encountering resistance.
Taking out his wet hand, he easily introduced her into the female anus.
Night expansion plugs did the trick.
Two men brought neatly folded women’s clothing.
Catherine recognized her French bra, bought for crazy money.
Oddly enough, he shrank a few sizes a woman looked puzzled at the owner.
He nodded to the servants, who drove a huge mirror.
What the mirror reflected could not be Catherine Alexandrovna.
She weighed 72 kilograms, in this carcass were all 140.
The chest was the fourth size, now two huge sagging melons hanging from the waist down.
How could a woman know that all the time hormonal drugs and nutrients were really infused into her in horse dosages.
“even if your husband finds out you, he cannot meet these huge holes” “You cannot remain a guest in this house any further, but I can accommodate you in the stable as one of my mares.”
Katya stayed.
She had no choice.
An hour later, the woman lay strapped to the machine.
The bindings did not allow him to twist his head; a beautiful, blue-eyed, blue-eyed eye was squinting at the brazier, in which a red-hot brand was poured in pink.
“All my cattle I will sword in this way.
Are you sure you want to stay? “” Yes. ”
“From now on, your name is Dawn,” Catherine Alexandrovna heard, and shut her eyes shut, at the same moment a sharp pain blew up the left half of the ass.
“I wish I could lose consciousness,” thought Dawn, inhaling the smell of burning meat.
Everything written above is true, although it never happened in life.
This is a puzzle made up of stories that happened to me, and with my friends.
My girlfriend, her name is Natasha, to study at the fourth year of university.
She is a real beauty, with a neat figure, small elastic breasts, delicious ass and slender legs.
I will say that she loves to dress in the most frank way.
In the summer she wears short dresses without a bra, or thin T-shirts and skirts that barely cover her panties.
Trunk to the word is only “tango”, that is, with a random tilt, standing behind can see her ass for the second with almost nothing covered.
We are familiar for almost a year.
During this time, they have become so close that she trusts me with almost everything.
Recently, she said that her best friend and classmate, his name is Dima, leaves for six months in America on

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a student program.
For several days she did not go herself.
Of course, I was jealous, but I didn’t show my mind, I don’t understand my favor.
One day, after the evening sex, she confessed to me that she did not know what to give him at the farewell party. New sex movies online.

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