Miracle bongacams.

Miracle bongacams.
I can’t wait for Lenka to take off her tights from a boy and put him back and write and crap.
She bought special stimulants at the pharmacy.
Yeah, stick with balls.
Do you want to see too? I’ll ask now.
I was on my guard.
– Linen! – Masha shouted into the corridor, – Can Ksyusha come, wait? – Who? – asked appeared in the doorway Lena.
– Ksyusha from the second entrance, – explained Masha, – Wants to see how you are busy with the baby.
“Okay,” Lena agreed, “Is she studying in the same class with you?” – Yeah, – Masha nodded, – My best friend.
“Now half the class will invite here,” I thought displeased.
“Come,” Masha said to her telephone interlocutor, “This is the most extreme nine-story building – at the square.
Yeah, opposite the bus stop.
The first entrance, the apartment.
“Five,” Lena prompted.
After repeating the apartment number to a friend, Masha turned off the phone and hid it in a jeans pocket.
After 10 minutes, the doorbell rang – it was Ksyusha.
– What a sweetheart, – the beautiful blue-eyed girl smiled sweetly, appearing on the threshold of the nursery, – And what is our name? Miracle bongacams.

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