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Olga knew better than Kate all bookkeeping and how to manage a company, she always did all the rough work and thanks to this she knew even the most seemingly meaningless trifles.
Now I need to decide on the cabinet, my little.
Maybe expand it or move to another, – said Olga.
I think that it would be better for you to move to the office of the chief accountant, she has a huge size, she still doesn’t need so much space, and yours for her is just right, she approached me more than once and asked to move somewhere.
In this room there is a storage room in which any trash left over from the old owners is stored, all this can be thrown away and a rest room can be made there, – Katya winked slyly at Olga.
An interesting idea, you will have to go see.
They entered the office of the chief accountant, examined the office, looked into the pantry, which was filled with all sorts of rubbish and rendered their verdict.

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A normal room, just for me, and the dimensions are suitable and storeroom, if you throw out all the garbage is big.
Here you need to make a small repair and everything will be fine and beautiful, ”Katya agreed with her friend.
Alla Alekseevna, you will move to Olga Borisovna’s office, and she, after repairing yours, I think that one day is enough for you to transfer all your things.
Of course, Ekaterina Alekseevna, I will manage today.
They returned to Catherine’s office, she called Lena and gave her instructions: Now you’ll go with Olga Borisovna to her office and what she’s going to show, you’ll take Olga Borisovna temporarily to work in my office, if you want to work, listen to her, like me Go, go about your business, and I will work a little.
Going into her office, Olga said to Lena, in a sharp tone: If you want to continue working in a company, you will have to follow all my instructions accurately and implicitly, I will not tolerate any kind of sloppiness.

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Lena was surprised by the changes that had happened to Olga, she was always so quiet and calm, and today she is scolding her like a guilty schoolgirl.
Even Ekaterina Alekseevna rarely spoke to her in such a tone.
Olga Borisovna, I will try to work so that you do not have any complaints to me.
Olga showed things to carry.
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