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And then something happened that completely struck me: bow-legged, who had just finished, completely pulled off his pants, threw off his sneakers, and the dark-haired man had to completely sit down on the floor, so that naked put his white socks to his face.
Breathing heavily, he leaned back against the wall and pressed a white toe into the mouth of a dark-haired man, massaged his lips with his feet, and it was clearly visible how the guy below was enjoying it, how he shudders and moans as he takes the tips of his toes again and again in his mouth and selflessly nadrachivaet his dick.
He began to scream louder and louder, and bow-legged ones were pressing harder with their foot.
I was torn to pieces, I knew that I was about to discharge, but I was afraid to give out my presence.
Finally, I heard a loud hoarse moan, sperm rushed out of a powerboat, the guy on the floor banged his legs, squeezed his dick with both hands, with white socks in the bread slicer and a grateful look turned to his friend, with a smirk standing over him in all his naked beauty .
Both of them got dressed in silence, opened the door and left, quite as if nothing had happened.
At that time, I gave my last honor to my dick and shot out.
Many people already know how it comes out for me, if I haven’t had anyone for a while, and if someone meets me on my way, and also in sports rags: Oooh! Again rises:
Before that, it was necessary to undergo a medical examination.
Peter did not know what kind of examination he was waiting for, so he did not attach much importance to this fact, and he treated it lightly.
Given the fact that he could not resist the iron nature of his mother – all actions were done by him meekly and meekly.

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When Peter arrived at the department, he had no idea how long the examination lasted.
Therefore, no one caused anxiety, and he himself was calm as a tank.
There was nothing special to do, and he met Victor, who was 3 years older.
This did not prevent Peter from getting along with a new friend, he told Victor about himself, that he quit school at the age of 12, then took care of a seriously ill grandmother, periodically worked with a relative and fool around, drinking with his future godfather.
Peter liked Victor, and he unwittingly began to dream about sex.
But how to tell Victor about this – Peter did not know, and was afraid that Victor would not approve such matters.
By evening, Peter fell asleep, he had a dream that Victor forced him to do blowjob, and punched his lips.
After a moment, Peter woke up and saw a nurse above him who had given an injection.
Peter turned awkwardly – the embattled member interfered.
He was ashamed, and when the nurse turned away for a moment, Peter quickly lay down on his stomach, exposing his left buttock for an injection.
Victor did not suspect Peter of the inclinations of Peter, and he himself was not concerned with such desires.
He took care of a young nurse who came to put injections.
The flirting did not last long, the boy somehow convinced the nurse to show him Peter’s medical card, because he was wondering what happened to him.
The girl went to meet the request of the patient, and contrary to medical ethics, they together looked at the diagnosis.
it turned out that smart doctors saw deviations, the card read: “mental retardation, in the degree of moronity”.
This is not as scary as it may seem, but if you don’t make any effort to develop the intellect, it will take a serious turn, and nothing good will come of it.

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was calm and was not like a mentally ill person.
The discharge time came to an end, and the nurse went into the ward as usual.
The farewell was short, the fact that they were reading the patient’s card — the young people did not speak.
Only warmly said goodbye and Victor went home.
The girl tried to quickly forget about everything that could harm her work, including acquaintance within the walls of a psychiatric clinic.
Peter still remained on the survey.
At home, no one was worried about this.
But Nastya sometimes asked his mother when Peter was written out, and for what reason he was kept there for so long.
She wanted to see him as soon as possible, and celebrate her return, because there are 2 years ahead of the army. Indian online sex tube.

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