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As on the shelf – come.
Or – that, – with a brutal smile – (Yes, only the legs are nothing.
Although, by the way, to be honest, such a nice pubis.
) Something too look your hurt! Lesbian ?.
Stay away.
(Yes, I suffered in baths from people like you.
) I like my uncle more, And with you – not along the way.
Pry away, for God’s sake.
There are no furrows across the chest.
Do not dive under my skirt Seducer-like a snake, Or a serpent.
Although sponges are wet.
(You have nothing to do with it).
Moisturizes because more.
Sun, sea, gulls cry.
Strippers livestock, What lies before me.
Director of JSC “Baklan”, and now – the director of the company “Detipetr” (not to be confused with the decimeter, DeTiPetr – this is Denis Timofeevich Petrov), when once he was ill, he decided to rest in the neurological department of a sanatorium type of a well-known hospital.
That is, he, generally speaking, is not something to get sick with the flu or some other clap, and so simply tired of life.
That the auditors will go to the company, then the secretary has these things, then “Spartak” began to merge all the games in the Champions League, sheer stresses.

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Denis Kolyan called, that one – Vovan, in short, went to whom it was necessary, collected his belongings, handed over the affairs of the deputy, and went to the “mental hospital.”
Iov Abramovich, head.
Sanatorium department of an exclusive mental hospital, I met a new patient affectionately.
“Natul, we have a seagull!” – he said to the secretary.
“All will be, Job Abramach!” she answered.
At first, Denis was strange that the biblical name of the head.
the ward is pronounced so playfully – in a rough way, but it soon became clear how true that was.
After drinking tea with sweets, Job and the patient went to the ward, where Denis was supposed to stay for two weeks.
Upon entering Denis’s room, he shook slightly to the side, and his eyes clouded over, he wrote it off for some kind of supplement in tea.
In the ward there were two beds, on one lay a magnificent young blonde, the second bed was free.
The girl had a robe, the floors of which were so wide open that her cropped pubis opened to the eyes of those who had entered.
“Great, Margo! This is your roommate, his name is Dan,” said the medic.
“Hello, doctor! What a coincidence, just like Behind

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the Glass -1, I am Margot, he is Dan! Take off your pants, Dan, we will meet you!” – the girl’s exclamations rained down.
“Excuse me, Doc, that is, Yob: that is, excuse me, Iow Abramovich, don’t you have men’s chambers?” – asked astonished Petrov.
“What are you, fagot? Why do you need a male chamber ?!” – Marga soared.
“Easy, Margo,” said the doctor, sitting down in her bed and stroking her ass under the robe, “You see, young man, I have my own concept of treating stress, it comes down to wild sex, that kind of rowing with overplaying. Hidden treasures 2020 online sex.

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