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The woman walked slightly to the side, becoming with interest to watch me.
Oh, with my head bowed, I cautiously sniffed what was there.
After that, for the first time in my life I tried dog food.
Dry and hard pieces were not as bad as you would expect.
I began to eat leisurely, like a real animal – without the help of hands.
I’ll pour some water for you to make it taste better! – She giggled Light.
Having poured boiled water from the kettle, the woman watched my meal for a while.
So that the bowl was empty and sparkled.
You will eat everything, wash yourself, and only after that I wait for you in the hall.
Clear? – After that, the woman retired, well aware that it would be exactly as she said.
Left alone, I slowly began to eat, drinking water from this food.
Svetlana was pleased and proud of herself.
She clearly understood that absolutely any of her demands would now be fulfilled by me without any pressure from her.
The woman felt a slight excitement inside, knowing that she was able to enslave and completely tame the guy.
And any of her fantasy now, can be easily realized.
Sveta felt like a real mistress, disposing of the will and actions of another person.
From permissiveness, in her soul was good and pleasant.
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– Joker.
– Mmmmm
Vacation flew very quickly, after all, Thailand is very mysterious, colorful and never ceases to amaze the country.
My husband and I were deluded.
A familiar German owner of one of the Thai massage salons as a sign of old friendship offered a free massage and acupuncture for the rest.
We have been married for ten years, our marriage was early, and we already had sex no more than twice a week, although I am not sure

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that my husband did not have a mistress, but it suited me.

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By the end of the holiday, I began to feel light, but constant excitement and a very sensitive skin perception, even if I wore a silk dress and his touch to the body brought a very diverse gamut of feelings that made my legs cramped and moist.
We flew home in the evening, rather tired all the way from the airport to the house my husband was hanging on his cell, the whole team was literally spying when their beloved boss landed on his native land and prepared him a lot of questions and problems.
I could not reach the house, I was wet and ready to cum from any touch of a man about what I said to my husband.
We went home, and while my faithful was carrying suitcases, I hurried to get rid of the dress and panties and put my ass up in the corridor, bending low.
Sasha, the exclamation of OGO-th, I understood literally and began to twist my ass in the air.
Turning around, I saw the surprised eyes of my husband and the head of our driver looking out, but I decided not to change my postures, because I had experienced an attack of exceptionism that was not typical of me and only spread my legs wider.
The door slammed shut and after a moment I felt the dick rested against my vagina, I grabbed it with my hand and sent it to myself.
After five or six strong strokes of the member in me, sparks breathed out of my eyes and squeezed my sparks, and I finished feeling my pussy shrinking convulsively.
– Are you all already? – Said Sasha – Yes – and – I replied sitting on the floor Turning and looking at her husband saw his standing member all shiny from my juices.
In me something yoknulo and I swung with a swing member until the eggs, but he was not small 22cm.
He rested against my throat, and a shiver of languor ran through my body.
I began to deeply and strongly suck him with one hand rolling the egg and the other stroking her husband’s ass.
A minute later, his cock swelled and started shooting into his mouth with sperm, literally flying into the throat, a strong orgasm shook me from this shooting and juice flowed from the vagina.
As from another planet, I heard the groans of her husband.
Deciding to leave things for later, we took turns taking a shower and went to bed in bed.
But I ran out of my cell phone and my husband went to the office in the place of the bedroom with a phone at his ear, being in complete prostration.
From the office I did not wait for him and fell asleep.
In the morning I woke up and saw a note on the bedside table.
“Kitten, I love you and passionately want, but things are there. Hidden hotel cam sex.

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