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But he held on and did not let go, apparently for himself he decided to continue such powerful feelings from my vaginal muscles for a longer time.
Or maybe two dick in one pussy? Yes, let’s do it.
Immediately above me was the second newcomer.
He is without.
problems immediately introduced his dick on top of a member of his partner.
They synchronously enough continued to hammer me.
The second one, just howled with delight, as I pull in their members into myself and apparently already together they could not control themselves.
At once both descents into me and both shouted with delight.
I myself felt that my already endless orgasm began to turn into a continuous multi orgasm.
I felt a half-swoon as if by the second, for the third time my lovely men let me go.
But it seems among these descending, and there was no my macho? So it is: I still twitch with my whole body from a multi orgasm; men scattered around the office, two of whom turn out to be shooting non-stop on a professional camera.
And everyone, it turns out, was waiting for me to start the blowjob of my macho man.
My macho appeared above me, I only had time to lick his head a couple of times, as everyone demanded to make measurements.

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Right next to my face.
Clicked cameras.
Verdict – 27cm.
and 6, 5 cm.

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diameter of a trunk and almost 8 in diameter of a head.
Well, just ka small children, I could barely shove the whole head in my mouth and began to drive the entire length of the trunk with both hands.
Then they decided this: Dick in the pussy – and shake in the mouth.
Thank God, I feel it again in myself.
Only he stuck his dick to me at the very balls, as I once again embraced an orgasm, I squeezed his cock so tightly with my muscles that it seems he soon began to let me down.
But apparently not everything is lowered into the pussy, because when I felt his cock in my mouth at home, he did not fill me with sperm, and so I squeezed a few drops from myself.
But I was happy that I felt it again in myself, I was still sausage-and-sausage, it turned out to be one of the men, I was the first to dress and peck me with a cucumber, and the rest began to diverge.
All four gentlemen left, Timur and Yuri left.
Only Yuri was watching me, as I, all alone in convulsions, poke myself even with a bottle of champagne.
By the edge of my ear I hear Katya’s secretary already completing the washing up.
A solid buzz.
Can you stay overnight or go home? Let’s go home, of course.
I’ll put your envelope in the safe.
Your macho you here 20t.
with the euro presented.
What you spend.
I rushed to check – stunned – a lot of money – wow !!! Buy an apartment, like any married woman, I want to live in a good apartment with my husband and son. Hidden cam wife naked.

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