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They are both near and dear to me, – answered Sveta with a lowered look.
– So watch us and have fun.
In addition, we with Leroy will be happy if you and Vitalik will caress me and her.
I even, I hope, I can convince her to accept Vitaly’s member, she tried to convince her friend.
– Seriously? I don’t think she will agree to this, she doubted.
– And this is my concern.
Your concern is to prepare Vitalik so that he will not run away as soon as he sees us with her, ”I explained.
The day passed quickly, but we no longer communicated with her on the subject of the upcoming evening.
I advised Svetlana to go home earlier, warning Leroux that she should not appear at home, because she was in for a surprise.
Lera, was aware of our arrangements and quickly evaporated from the house, dropping me an SMS that would be waiting for me in a cafe at the office.
Sveta wanted to ask me about something, but I pushed her out of the office, saying that I don’t need to worry about me.
Sveta left to prepare for a meeting with Vitalik, while Leroy and I met in a cafe.
– Well, how? She asked, sitting down at a table.
“I have an intimate request for you,” I said

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Lera froze in anticipation.
We waited until we bring coffee and the waitress will leave.
“If Vitalik wants to fuck you, you shouldn’t refuse him,” I said in a quiet voice, knowing that I could destroy everything now.
Lera turned to the window and tears appeared in her eyes.

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She was crying softly, but I did not dare to say more words.
“I agree,” Lera answered quietly, and wiping her tears looked at me.
“For Sveta, I’m ready for much and it’s not the worst or impossible thing that I’m ready to go for so that we all would be happy,” she took a sip and looked out the window again.
– Especially since he is quite attractive, and his member is not so big.
There were more, – already smiling, she turned to me.
– I’ll do everything as she wants, but.
No violence or deception, Lera warned me.
– What are you! – I exclaimed.
– Nothing like Light in relation to you will not allow.
She is madly in love with you and will not harm you, I calmed down the girl.
– Well, when does the performance begin? – asked Lera.

I glanced at my watch.
“I think we have an hour and a half.”
What did you cook for them? – I asked.
“Something from Italian cuisine, yes,” the girl replied evasively.
“Maybe then let’s go for a walk,” she suggested, and I nodded.
Having paid, we went out into the street.
It was a quiet warm evening.
It was still light, although the sun was already setting.
We walked along the avenue, I held Leroux on hand and we chatted about any nonsense.
Laughing, making fun of each other.
In the bag came the sound of SMS.
Taking out the phone, I read: “you have half an hour.”
“Well, beautiful, let’s go for a drive,” I said, turning back to the parking lot, where Audi was parked.
– We have half an hour.
We have time? “Easy,” Lera answered, and we ran into the car.
She drove the car as Schumacher.
We easily jumped out of the city and rushed out of the city.
After twenty-five minutes we were at the house, but did not call in the yard.
Leaving the car at the gate, they themselves quietly slipped into the house, trying not to make any noise.
The lovely ones have already moved to the second floor, this was evidenced by Sveta’s laundry scattered everywhere.
We exchanged glances with Leroy and smiled, moved into the shower.
Throwing off his clothes, we got into the shower.
I began to soap Lera’s body, paying attention to her breasts and perineum, with the member already rising. Gay nude webcam.

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