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Shut up bitch, and do not move, otherwise I will throw you into the dungeon and order the execution! – He shouted violently.
So many.
It was angry in his voice that it seemed to the queen as if the devil himself had moved into her husband.
Her body ached from the blow, and she lost her strength, realizing that she was powerless before the power of the king.
She sat and watched her husband fucking the princess wildly, driving her with all her might.

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queen saw the glass eyes of her daughter, and only moans of pleasure told her that he was not hurting her.
The only thing that the queen did not notice behind the king’s hands was the princess’s belly.
Soon she closed her eyes, and covered her ears with her hands, swallowing her tears.
King today tried to glory.
His cock, like last night with the Lord’s daughter, spewed the seed and hardened again, so that he did not have to leave the princess.
Countless orgasms visited the body of the one, and her mind has long been disconnected.
She felt pain when the queen appeared in the bedroom, but this pleasure allowed to forget.
This continued until dawn, until finally the king let out his last jet into it, and finally, exhausted, he rolled off the princess.
The girl with half a sleep wrapped herself in the edge of the sheet and fell into the darkness.
The king got out of bed and grabbed the quivering queen, pulled him along.
The royal chambers were just under the princess’s bedroom, and because of this the servants did not notice them.
The man pulled the queen into the bedroom and threw it on the floor.
You have two choices, either death or life.
If now you do not calm down, I will accuse you of treason and execution in the evening.
Or else you accept the fact that Alexandria is also my woman, and you behave yourself worthy of the queen.
Edward, how could you? – she whispered.
The king leaned over to her, grabbed her chin painfully, snarled.

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I am the king here.
My wish is sacred.
Yesterday I took the lord’s daughter as my mistress, and today I have mine.
They are both women and must serve their king.
Can at least one of them give birth to a worthy heir.
And best of all, if Alexandria gets pregnant.
This child will be the most noble blood.
– Evil he said.
The queen looked into her husband’s face and did not recognize him.
He has changed not only internally.
Now there was a dark fire in his eyes, and she swallowed in fear.
Calm down and go, tidy yourself up.
– He ordered.
Realizing that she had no choice, the queen nodded and barely rose from the floor and headed to her chambers.
She sat up in bed and stretched, then opened her eyes.
What was her surprise when her stomach did not sleep a bit, and it seems, has become a little more.
She ran her hand over it, rising up to her chest, which also swelled and ached.
Squeezing her hands, the princess groaned with pleasure.
Previously, she never felt this when she touched her body.
Then she put one hand down to her bosom.
And again pleasure pierced her.
The princess thrust one of her fingers into herself, with her other hand continuing to squeeze her chest, and groaned.
org) Then she thought it was not enough, and she stuck two fingers in herself.
An electrical discharge pierced the bottom of her belly, and she lay back on the bed.
After lying like that for a couple of minutes, bringing her breathing back to normal, she smiled, happy just because she could experience it.
And mentally thanked the demon.
Her hands covered her stomach, and it was pierced by the knowledge that something was growing inside her.
Yes, no one knows where she understood what the demon did to her.
He gave her his child.
An important part of herself, and she felt proud.
She was seized by a desire to protect him, and her heart filled with love.
Her baby.
Just at that moment the queen entered the room without knocking, and again froze on the threshold.
Now, in the light of day, she could well see her daughter, and what she saw struck.
At first she was visited by the idea that the king had raped the princess long ago, but then logic prompted how it was possible that her stomach grew in two days.
The princess got out of bed, embarrassed that the queen saw her swollen belly.
Daughter, what is it? How did this happen to you? When? – Anxiously asked the queen, walking up to her daughter.
I don’t know, mom.
– Intuitively answered the princess.
She decided not to tell the queen anything from what happened to her, fearing for her baby.
– I woke up yesterday, and the stomach has increased.
I felt so bad, and then I saw my father.
– The princess was flashing, putting her head on the queen’s shoulder.
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