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Camera inside of the sex.
Male ass compared to this seemed, if not sandpaper, then something very similar.
It was simply impossible to hold back, without having managed to make a couple of movements, I felt that I was finishing.
– Only not in her! – Noticing the approaching orgasm in my twisted face, my sister grabbed my shoulder, pulling me off from my mother.
My dick jumped out of her vagina, irrigating everything around with sperm.
A few drops hit the sister.
“Sorry I spoiled the buzz, but she could guess tomorrow what happened.”
Come on, climb to yourself, and I’ll clean up.
Waiting until I climbed

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up on my shelf, she pulled out her panties from under the pillow and carefully wiped the mother’s body with them, paying particular attention to her crotch.
From my seat, I saw her fingers, wrapped in cloth, sink into the vagina.
Having finished with these, she threw on her robe and left the compartment.
I didn’t wait for her return, plunging into a deep sleep. In the morning I woke up around twelve, but remained lying, pretending to be asleep.
I didn’t know how to behave at all, and I was afraid that I would give myself away with something and my mother would understand.
Lying on my shelf, I heard her flipping through a magazine, and her sister embroidered on the rim.
From time to time they talked quietly, trying not to wake me up with their voices.
Finally I got tired of pretending and deciding what will happen.
I easily got off my seat.
– Oh, well, finally our sleepy woke up! – Mom looked at me with a smile.
– What have you been doing all night? – Was reading.
Trying to take my eyes off the floor, I found my slippers, and put them on and went to wash myself.
When I returned, my mother was setting the table, and my sister looked out the window with interest.

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Having had a quick snack, I climbed back on my shelf and buried myself in a book.
Later in the evening, seeing that mom didn’t suspect anything, I moved away a bit, and we even played cards.
My sister behaved as if nothing had happened at night, and I even began to wonder if I had a dream about all this.
The train arrived almost exactly on schedule, and we immediately got off onto the bus.
It was about two hours, and then another two kilometers on foot, so we arrived at the village deep after midnight.
As soon as we reached grandma’s house, we immediately dispersed on the beds and fell asleep.
I love to spend the summer in the village, fresh air, swimming, greenery from the beds.
Nobody requires you not to leave the yard or run to the store for bread.
Just live and be happy.
At first I was really bothered by how to behave with my sister, but she behaved as usual, so over time our relationship became the same as before.
Well, maybe a little more relaxed and frank.
On the third day, I met a guy who lived two houses away from us, who also came from the city for the summer.
His name was Oleg, and he was a little younger than me.
If we had met him about six months ago, I would be very interested in his ass.
But now, I was much more interested in his mother’s ass.
In the afternoon we ran to swim and sunbathe on the lake, went to the forest to pick berries or play war.
In the evenings, we sat on the veranda, chatted or played cards.
Sometimes my sister joined us, or other teenagers from visitors.
But more often, we still were together.
It was Oleg who first showed me a nudist beach.
In the morning, as usual, we gathered in the forest, but this time he told me to grab some binoculars.
I thought that we would go to the mountain, which he told me about, you can see about twenty kilometers around it, but I was mistaken.
We went to the highway, and about five kilometers walked.
Oleg only mysteriously smiled at all my questions, and advised me to be patient.
Soon we got off the road and moved through the forest.
Fifteen minutes later I felt the intensifying smell of water, and in front of the trees the smooth surface of the lake flashed.
We went ashore and turned left.
The beach here was much better than the one where we swam near the village.
Having walked about three hundred meters, we stumbled upon a high, almost two meters high, fence.
Oleg again went into the woods and walked over to an old, thick pine tree, with beams nailed to the trunk.
He first climbed up and called me for him. Camera inside of the sex.

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