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“That’s why I convened all of you,” the lecturer continued in the meantime.
“They overlap the city, and we have to find the cure by testing it on the test specimen!” He pointed towards Gabriella.
Everyone in the audience understood that they had no other choice.
The alarm was announced too late, the high authorities tried to hide the scandal for a very long time.
And so from that day, none of the scientists dared to leave the laboratory, but was obliged to strive to find salvation for the people of the whole city, and if the virus breaks out beyond its limits, for the whole world! And all this by experimenting with the first victim of the sex virus.
I woke up as if delirious, the drugs with which I was stuffed, have not yet moved away from my brain, but I was able to assess the approximate position.
I was on a lounger, my legs were wide apart, my hands stretched over my head and apparently tied.
My mouth and yes, my whole body was like a stranger, I felt absolutely terrible.
Then I heard conversations,

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but could not understand anything, they did not speak Russian.
Two figures in white went around me, and then returned with a gurney, one of them took up my drip, the other began to do something between my legs.
Gathering my feelings in a heap, I felt that my crotch was burning and bursting at the same time, my thirst for a member and orgasm interfered with a very strong pain from tension, and on all sides.
I began to turn my head, but here, the voices became louder and the doctors began to fuss, then the rest covered me again.
Once again, I came to myself in a chair, or something similar, my legs had a rather firm pore, like my back and arms, my head was fixed so that I looked at the ceiling.

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Strange feelings and new sensations could not fit in my head.
“What are they doing to me?” The thought flashed through and immediately became entangled in the fog.
I wanted to go to the toilet, but before I could try to strain myself, as the desire passed, the pressure in the gut decreased to incredible, then there was just emptiness and sleep.
The ultimate awakening, I no longer know what is a dream and what is not.
I felt that surrounds me, I was on the bed without clothes, it was dark around.
I hardly turned my head and saw a window with a grate, behind it were visible night clouds and a bright moon.
Reassured that everything was over, I calmly fell asleep and later fell asleep.
Waking up again in the morning, I was like a boiled chicken, my body was weak and empty, I did not want to move.
I felt a delicious smell and turned around, on a small table near my bed there was a plate of porridge, there was still steam from it.
She had a drink in a jug, and some other salad.
Still not quite recovering myself, I sat down and started eating.
It seemed to me that I had not eaten anything better, but it is known that “hunger is the best seasoning”.
While I was eating, I looked around my room, everything was as before, a wardrobe, a table, a bed, a bedside table, a single lamp in the center, a carpet on the floor, curtains on the window, and a sturdy door.
Having finished with the food, I paid attention to my body, the changes were, and they were completely unexpected.
If earlier I looked at them only from the side, now I was the main object of observation.
I do not know what all this was done for, and what was the ultimate goal of these changes, but, in my opinion, this is simply nonsense without additional features.
My good third size with strong tits, turned into a hanging fourth, on the verge of the fifth, nipples were long and thick, very sensitive to the touch.
My hands were a little bit fuller than I remembered; my fingers were enlarged too.
I felt my face and already thought that everything was just terrible, but everything turned out to be normal, at least to the touch.
The hair was very short, but this is the lesser evil, so I was not upset. Cam sex.

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