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The legs were also dressed in leather and connected to a corset on the sides of the legs.
All this was done so that the red panties were visible in full detail both in front and behind.
She was wearing velvet gloves (also red), and high-heeled shoes on her legs.
In Shepard from what he saw already eyes on his forehead climbed.
Kelly smiled: Do you like the captain? So you just wanted to show it.
Uh-uh, not bad.
True? – Kelly was delighted – well then let’s start! Kelly slowly approached Shepard, and then began to sway slowly to the beat of the music, wagging her hips.
Her belly quivered slightly.
Then Kelly turned her back to the commander and began to lean, pulling out her elastic round ass.
Shepard felt that his cock began to harden.
Her ass was damn sexy, despite the fact that quite recently a completely different, no less elastic ass was mounted on his penis.
The girl leaned even more and spread her legs slightly.
At the same time Shepard opened the crotch in red panties.
She turned to face him and twisting her hips, threw her hands behind her head, and then slowly grabbed their breasts.
Kelly squeezed them, lightly pinching nipples through leather clothes.
Her palms slid behind her back, and a corset immediately flew to the floor.
Kelly was left alone in leather stockings, panties and gloves on her hands.
Looking Shepard opened, though not large, but still gorgeous, round and elastic breasts with hard, reddish nipples.
The girl began to squat, pushing her knees apart and showing the appetizing tubercle between her legs.
Spreading her legs, Kelly began to rise, slowly rotating her ass to the rhythm of the music.

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A member of Shepard could no longer restrain himself and with might and main rushed to freedom.
Kelly, seeing the large size between Shepard’s legs, licked her lips.
She leaned over and unzipped her stockings completely removed them.
Now she is left in only her panties and high-heeled shoes and velvet gloves.
Dropping unnecessary shoes, she again turned her back to Shepard, moving her ass, began to slowly pull the panties down, gradually exposing the hollow between the buttocks.
As soon as the panties fell to the floor, Kelly turned around again.
Shepard continuously watched the shaved pussy.
Rotating her hips and staring intently at the hillock under his trousers, which had already become enormous, she licked her lips again.
Captain, if you like, why won’t you get him? She asked playfully.
Forgetting everything, Shepard unzipped his pants.
The member jumped out of his pants and froze, for his entire length.
Kelly stared intently as Shepard’s hand slides up and down the trunk.
Turning her back to the commander, the girl leaned forward and spread her legs, so that Shepard could look at her full crotch lips.
Then Kelly went to Shepard and sat down before him not knees and wide-eyed eagerly looked at his instrument.
How huge it is, she smiled, and very tasty indeed.
She leaned forward and kissed his head.
Then she picked up the eggs with one hand, the other she began to move the skin from the trunk, looking like a large drop protruding on the tip of the head.
Kelly licked her and put her tongue around her head, Shepard groaning blissfully.
Having opened her mouth, the girl gradually absorbed the whole gun and began to slide her lips over the penis, her cheeks puffing and falling.
Then she abruptly moved away from Shepard and looked into his eyes.
Captain, do you know what pose 69 is? Of course, – Shepard has already mentally exulted.
Kelly, smiling at him, pushed

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the commander onto the bed.
Then she saddled him, but so all her wet pussy was right above the face of Shepard.
She herself leaned forward and again swallowed a member, trying to swallow it to its full length, and at the same time erotic pochmokivala.
Shepard, too, did not lag behind: with two fingers he parted his big lips, revealing the gleaming, dark pink inner surface, thick, swollen folds and began to lick the hardened clitoris, sometimes penetrating the tongue of the vagina with his tongue. Blonde big boobs cam.

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