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She parted her thighs, hugging his legs on his back, pressed against him with her silky little place, moist and hot.
Groaning, Duval entered her.
He immediately did as they both loved – he advanced deeply, as far as it would go, pushing into it with his “pouches”.
Anna shuddered, trembling, arching under him, adjusting to his rhythm.
Screaming, she exulted, feeling as he promotes in her narrow “shell”.
Duval took her faster and more persistently over and over again, but at the same time, gently and gently, without giving up, giving all of himself, giving her unearthly pleasure and plunging himself into heavenly bliss.
When his lava erupted into it, both of them, screaming, were completely without power.
Having embraced Anna in his arms, without leaving her, Duval fell into a deep sleep.
A smile of bliss glowed on his face.
Lulled by his breath, Anna also fell into a sweet dream.
Duval woke up sobbing sounds.
Anna, sleeping on his shoulder, cried in her sleep.
Tears fled from the closed eyes.
– Annette, my girl! What happened? – Serge woke her up, collecting tears with kisses.
– I.
– she, coming to herself, pressed herself to him with a shiver, – I had a terrible dream.
Is he.
he did it.
– Who is he? Honey, tell me.
Tell me everything.
– I dreamed that he could.
do with me what I wanted.
– Calm down, my sweet kitten! – Duval looked into her darkened eyes, why they began to seem completely impenetrable, said confidently: – This is just a dream! All is well, I’m with you! Never – do you hear? – I will never leave you! Webcams adult chat free live.

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