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And then I noticed that my friend is already trying to jump out of his pants.
What, what, and that I did not expect!
After a little brooding and having gotten through, my brother left the toilet.
– Hear, Igor! – What? – offended, but at the same time and somehow meekly asked the kid.
– Yes, I myself do not know why.

Go here.
Brother came up.
I did not know where to start.
– What are you doing?
is it true? – Really? – Well, said that.
Brother looked away: – Well, maybe the truth.
A wave of excitement rolled over me.
– Igor.
– What? – You are.
– What is it?.
Suddenly, unexpectedly, I pulled my brother to me with both hands, and I dug my lips into his stomach.
Began greedily grope ass.
Then he threw him on the bed, and roughly leaned on top.
I still did not quite understand what had happened.
– Denchik! – What? – Well, you have to go to work! – Oh, what a job.
I was deeply drawn.
As I – the father of two children, like naturals.
No not like this.
Why am I a normal person?
Some nonsense is obtained.
My brother pressed against me with his whole body, and kissed me warmly on the lips.

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“Well, okay,” I smiled, I thought, “let’s figure it out.
The thing is – everyday.

In the boarding school, I think, there was no boy who would not have been doused.
Most often this was due to illnesses or ailments, such as diseases of the abdomen or high fever, and sometimes just as it was called the PROPHYLACTIC PROCEDURE.
Even if the boy (and we had a block in the boarding school for boys, in the neighborhood, the girls lived next door) did not go to classes, then he was immediately sent for the paper to a feldscher and there the enema was inevitable, it was probably done specially so that we did not want .
Enemas were put only by a syringe with a plastic tip, which literally stands in the eyes even now.
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