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Watch masters of sex online free. Slava began to dip the enema tip into the girl’s anus in slow, rotational movements.
Sandra was terribly unpleasant, the tip was large, about the size of a doctor’s finger, moreover, unlike the latter, it was hard and rather sharp, despite the fact that it was abundantly smeared with vaseline.
The patient moaned softly.
“Well, you, Sandrochka, be patient a little, wait until the end.
well, that’s all, “the doctor calmed her,” now let’s let some water in my tummy. ”
He opened the tap on the hose and cool water rushed into the girl’s intestines.

“Tax,” the doctor grumbled and took the rubber glove off his hand, “and now, while you are lying and getting an enema, I’ll check your tits.”
He bent over the girl and began to feel her small, barely swollen chest with both hands.
Sandra was very unpleasant, this process even became a little painful when the doctor burst her tits.
“Doctor, there is nothing to check, they are still small!”, She again objected.
“Well, I’d rather know if there is something to check or not,” the doctor snapped, “your chest is the same size as your age, and I have to make sure everything is in order.”
He continued to palpate Sandra’s boobs for about a minute, then he took a ruler, measured the length and width of each boob, and wrote this data into some papers lying on his desk.

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All this time, water from the Esmarch’s mug continued to flow into the schoolgirl’s intestines, about half a liter of fluid was already swollen and the girl began to feel a distended stomach and a desire to empty.
“Doctor, can I stop the enema? I already want to crap!” Sandra protested.
“Tanya, how many in a mug of water?”, Asked the doctor.
“About half more!”, The woman answered.
“We must suffer, dear!”, The guy said, then added: “you breathe slowly and deeply through your mouth, and I gently massage your tummy!”.
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