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We danced, and I slowly began to unbutton her blouse.
Elena (that was the name of my new girlfriend) did not wear bras, and after a while I already caressed her really amazing breasts.
Rarely meet such a charm, such a form.
Having a little circled in the dance, we stopped and began to caress each other.
Then Lena knelt down and, lifting my skirt, began to kiss my panties.
I was so pleased that I didn’t even notice how they were on the couch, I just felt the tongue of my girlfriend gently gliding over my juicy fruit, and I groaned with pleasure.
My friend acted so skillfully with her tongue that in just a few minutes I fell into the abyss of a burning orgasm.
I woke up lying on the couch, Lena was lying next to me, with her face buried in my chest.
A minute later, she whispered: “Annette, enter me.”
– And went to the closet, where she removed the notorious panties.
“Of course, honey,” I replied, and began to put on my usual outfit.
When I was ready, turning my face to my friend, I noticed some embarrassment, she did not dare to undress completely.
-What happened? – I was surprised.
– You know, Annette, me.
well in general.
forgive me but.
– Well, tell me, – I was even more surprised.
“Maybe you’re still a virgin, like me.”
And are you scared? But.
“No,” a friend interrupted me and abruptly taking off her skirt and panties appeared before me in all its glory.
Between the legs of my girlfriend, I saw a beautiful and resilient member.
Yes Yes Yes.
At first, I kind of lost my head, but, quickly realizing what was the matter, I approached her (him), gently embraced and took in my hand this beautiful creation of nature.

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Apparently, the tension was so strong that immediately hot glow of sperm gushed out of it, flooding both my hand and both legs.
We spent the evening in pure bliss.
Thirteenth Dream In the thirteenth dream.
(I don’t believe then in the number “13”) On a springtime soft evening I was returning from the pool, and as I was approaching the house, I suddenly noticed that someone was “spying” behind me.
A young guy of about twenty-five, tall and handsome, walked right behind me and, as if feeling that I’d run away from him now, has long overtaken me and very politely said: – Annette, do not be afraid of me, I will not do anything bad .
Sorry, maybe I scared you, but I need to talk to you.
“Of course I scared,” I was indignant, “but, looking in his eyes, I realized that this pursuer really wouldn’t do anything bad to me.”
“I apologize,” the guy replied.
– The evening is warm, maybe here in the courtyard and talk? – there was a stranger? – Although here behind your house there is a cozy cafe “Pink Branch”.
I invite you to.
A few minutes later the waiter gave us a menu.
I decided to drink a glass of dry red wine (after the pool – this is an attractive occupation), and my companion, it turns out, was “behind the wheel” and limited to coffee and mineral water.
– I came from another city.
Please do not ask me how I found you.
I promised the man that when I met you I wouldn’t name him.
The only thing I can say is your former classmate and he knows you well and, of course, your address.
– And what brought you to me? – The Internet.
-?! – Yes, yes, do not be surprised! I

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have been watching your site for six months now and I know all your dreams by heart.
I live one dream.
– Which one? – I smiled, interrupted.
– Are you ready to listen to me? – Well, once agreed to go to the cafe, of course.
– At 19 years old, they called me into the army, I got into the construction troops, they are simply called the “construction battalion” by the people.
And there a misfortune happened to me: one night I was picked up by “demob” (this is the name of those who were already preparing for dismissal, t.
old servicemen), they were clearly drunk and forced to make one of the soldiers a real blowjob.
I tried to resist, but I was severely beaten and I “broke down”. Watch live sex free.

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