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She moaned softly.
I felt her warm.
God, as I waited for this moment, I probably waited for this all my life.
She looked at me and realized that she was the one with which I want to spend the rest of my life.
“I love you,” I said softly, without stopping my movements.
She didn’t answer me anything, she just laughed softly.
She raised herself and pushed me away.
I looked at her in surprise.
She got off the desk and leaned on the desk, got cancer.
She arched in a lustful pose.
I came closer to her, stroked her ass and went into her back.
My movements accelerated and soon we reached the top.
We were in no hurry to dress and just embraced and chatted about everything.
Soon we got dressed and gathered outside.
At the bottom of the entrance was a guard.
He asked sternly.
– what are you doing here? Classes are long over.
Today is a shortened day.
– we just fell asleep.
– Well, let’s go quickly out of here, loafers.
– yes we are already leaving.
Ira and I ran out into the street, under the formidable cries of the guard.
Then she wrote me her phone and said.
– just in case, okay, I ran.
There’s my bus coming.
– Okay bye! – I said and kissed her.
I did not go home, but I went to a friend who spent the whole evening drinking vodka.
I decided not to call Ira, but just to call on her to visit.
I did not know her address, but it was not a particular problem.
I called a friend who had once bought a telephone base for a hundred rubles in the subway.
He quickly told me the address, my beloved.
I did not wait and went to her.
On the way, I bought flowers and went to her house.
When I

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approached her porch, I met her.
She was sitting on a bench with some guy.
I went to her and said.
– Hi Irochka.
Then the guy sitting next to her said.
– Ira, who is this? – this is my classmate.
Wait, I’m right now.
Ira grabbed my arm and pulled me away, so that this guy would not hear us.

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– why did you come? – I missed you, and who is there with you.
– Wow, are you flowers for me? – Yes.
– I said and handed her a bouquet.
– thanks, you know, you shouldn’t have come.
What we had does not mean anything.
We just had fun.
I have a boyfriend and I love him.
So you go away.
You do not be upset, I really liked with you, we can repeat as you may.
She turned and walked back, and I remained standing as I stood.
Dasha is my classmate, a third-year student at a university in Russia, a good student, sociable, sympathetic (more on that later), a cheerful, prosperous family and all that, in short, an ordinary young girl.
Now about what I promised later.
In general, too, the usual, not a model, but there is something in it.
Nice face.
blond hair is not very long, big eyes, plump lips, in a word charming.
She was not thin, but not fat.
She was present just the very fullness that only adorns the girl.
That chest was really full, which, combined with a slender waist and wide hips, gave Dasha a special charm.
In general, in her manners and appearance there was some kind of childlike cheerfulness and charm.
I have often noticed that adult men are staring at her.
Yes, and I must say that she was not deprived of male attention.
She was often called to parties, birthdays and other student parties, where she took an active part.
She was hanging out in my company.
on holidays, in nature.
I have never heard that she had a boyfriend.
“She lives for herself without any problems,” her friends said.
Yes, she is glorious, but somehow not in my taste, so I never even thought about how to stir up with her.
I had a little different preferences in appearance and behavior, but this is another story.
So, I did not think of her as a sexual object, and, I must tell you, in vain.
I used to take video clips from her.
It happened this time.
When I got home, I immediately inserted it into the video recorder, it’s good that no one was at home.
But instead of the movie there was an amateur video.
Some unknown apartment.
The operator went through the dark corridor and was in the kitchen.
Now something familiar.
In the kitchen was the same Dasha with a few boys.
I knew them, they studied at our faculty and always hung out together.
Vova is a fair-haired, strong guy of medium height, he was not Don Juan, but he liked girls; Denis – the same physique, only his hair was dark; Gena – short and thin.
Well, the boys were straight for every taste.
I knew them by faculty.
not scumbags, but just normal boys, although I didn’t hang out with them, they had their own office.
They drank, ate, laughed, pinned up in front of the camera.
everything is as usual.
“Damn,” I thought, “the tape got mixed up.”
It was already boring for me to watch, when suddenly Dasha and Vova went into another room. Ssbbw beccabae model lesbian video.

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