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Deeply thrusting his fingers inside her, he spreads wide the vestibule of the vagina and briefly admires the opened pink entrance.
Pushes balls inside and massages the pubis.
The fire gradually lights up inside, it speeds up the frictions to get rid of the painful vibrations, but only enhances them.
She stops, but he strikes the crotch, causing her to suffer.
She continues the frictions, he removes her hand from the pubis, she tries to be careful not to disturb the objects hostile in her now.

After waiting until the wave of orgasm, he pulls the hand with a vibrator to her vagina and shallow introduces it.
Adjusting to her moving on it, he makes circular movements with a vibrator in unison, only sometimes slightly pushing into it, forcing the hated balls to deeply stimulate the vaginal walls and uterus.
She pleads for pity for her, she is exhausted, he reasonably notes that, unlike her, he has not yet been discharged.
A quietly buzzing device leaves the hospitable opening, giving it a short respite, and rests against the clitoris.

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He simply holds the device on the bulge, and she, tormented by the frenzy that exhausts her, screams and fights with one hand.
Without letting her fall and release a member of the ass, he squeezes her hand and helps her to complete the final frictions.
The implacable electrical device revolves around the clitoris, smiling slyly, the lover accidentally “misses”, and the device again torments her by pressing on the swollen islet.
Having collected the last strength, a tired girl pinches the man’s testicles with her fingers and sorts them.
She gropes and pushes the lover’s crotch point, and he groans and shakes, dropping the instrument of torture.
Along with him, she groans, having felt the last orgasm.
The balls are taken out, the instruments are discarded, the lovers are asleep.
South indian models nude.

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