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click! “So, and now we continue to undress” – I say, – “the model unzips the bra.
Damn it, five minutes had not passed, and an erotic photo session is already taking place.
“Ivan Ivanovitch was ready, in my opinion, to tear off his pants – but he had to diligently make a solid look.
I say to him: “do not worry, Ivan Ivanovich, I will only take a couple of shots, and then you will seat Dasha, as you need, you will command how the light will be made, and I will not distract you with anything”, and Dasha winks.
Dashka finally got the little devils in her eyes, she picturefully pulled off her bra, folded it, dangling her breasts, then looked inquiringly at me, turned her booty to us and very elegantly and beautifully took off her panties.
All these moments I shot, starting to swell with excitement.
Dasha freed her legs and turned to us naked, waving her panties in her hand.
She was still shy, but the naughty little devil already owned her, and she proudly pulled her breasts with her nipples upright, bulged out her ass, bent her head to the side and let her hair loose – when they stream over her shoulder and chest, you can just die as beautifully and it is agitating.

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Took, then, a spectacular pose, and – “Ivan Ivanovich, where do I go?” Old horseradish, when I got the gift of speech, sat her down wherever I wanted, we set up the lighting for another ten minutes – and the process started.
I silently did my job, but inside I just came up with the high of everything.
And Dasha liked it and excited her, I knew.
But I did not know what revenge the old horse-radish thought up to her.
20 minutes after the beginning of the session, the door opened, and a man entered the office.

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“Ivan Ivanovich, is it possible for you?” Dasha twitched, shrank instinctively.
“Dasha, do not twitch! Petr Petrovich, what did you want?” And Dasha was forced to remain in the same position, while Petr Petrovich, looking at her, was discussing something with Ivan Ivanovitch, who did not stop working.
The dude did not close the door behind him, and some other aunt peeked into the room.
Seeing naked Dasha, she oyknula and closed the door, but Ivan Ivanovich shouted – “Yes, Olga Ivanovna, what did you want?”.
In general, a lot of people were gradually filling the office.
Naked Dasha sat naturally and did not seem to be shy.
I never thought that we would meet in such a situation “- and hides the greasy smile in his mustache.
Wow, artists! – I think.
Dasha smiles at everyone, says – “Hello, excuse me for not getting up – Ivan Ivanitch does not allow me to move.”
There is nothing to do – Ivan Ivanitch has to talk about our project, introduce me.
“Are you Dasha’s husband? You’re lucky, you have such a talented and charming wife,” says Peter Petrovich, a mustache. Sexy women on cam.

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