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But what? She remembered how her first orgasm came.
What she just did not try! Realizing that the nipples like most when they suck, she tried to reach out to them with her lips, squeezing her small breasts with her fingers and pulling them to her mouth.
In vain.
She fitted soft plastic shampoo bottles, squeezing them, putting the nipple neck on and letting go.
Yes! It was a pleasure! The nipple was drawn into the vial and the first sensation was sharp, leaving a hot wave in the groin.

but then weakened, faded.
His pathetic resemblance could be summoned by slightly sipping on the bottle.
the nipple was dragged out, the breast followed him.
but with a loud smack the bottle broke off and the huge, swollen, red nipple, which had lost its sensitivity for a while, was at large.
To prolong the pleasure, to bring it to the peak, about which she only vaguely guessed, could not.
But once her eyes fell on the car first aid kit.
Harness Red rubber tubing with a diameter exactly on her nipples.
And the length is enough.

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Yes! One end to the mouth, the other to put on the nipple! At last she could regulate the intensity and duration of the irritation, she kissed and caressed her nipple through the tube, she sucked it very strongly and gently released.
Giving him a rest, she took on the second one, sticking up in impatience.
And finally, the excitement reached a peak.
Between the legs sweetly ached.
Now she clearly felt the epicenter of this voluptuous flour.
All sensations were concentrated at the very top of her crack.
She touched a finger and felt a bulging solid bump.
He wanted to touch and never stop.
But a couple of movements and an unprecedented wave of pleasure covered her head, forced her stomach, hips, and whole body to wriggle in the convulsion of an orgasm.
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