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But the fact is that I was not wearing panties.
Yesterday I wanted to sleep so much that I just lay down, well at least I put the blanket on it.
If not threw, burned with shame.
In a strange house, and even lay naked.
– Lena, could you come out for a minute? All reddened with shame I said.
– And what about the girl or when I did not go in shorts

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? Turning to me, and smiled a little.
– Yes, if I had nothing in my underpants.
Plucking up courage said.
– Are you naked sleeping? – She laughed.
I felt very uncomfortable.
– And I will not go out, do not want? – Is it hard for you? – No, it is not difficult just interesting.
– Yes, you’re funny.
My dick from this situation a little excited.
After lying down not much, I got up.
I did not find any cowards, I had the first thing that came to hand, it was shorts.
While dressing, looked at the blanket.
Damn, as I steamed, could hide behind a blanket.
Well, okay, what’s done is not return it can for the better.
Lena laughed and watched as I tried to put on my shorts as quickly as possible, but my hands were shaking so much that I spent 4 times longer than necessary.
While dressed, considered everything she wanted.
Though I put on shorts, but my sticking out member was not to hide.
Approaching her sat down next.
Lena looked at my shorts.
It was immediately clear that she was looking out there.
– Why did you sleep without panties? – continuing to laugh, she asked.
A little thought, I wanted to avenge her for my shame.
– I wanted you to see me naked.
– She did not laugh anymore, only a small smile was visible on her face.
“How did you know that I would sit here and wait for you to wake up.”

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– And I slept naked all week.
There was no more smile on her face.
– And what did you want to achieve with this? – She asked with surprise.
– What I wanted already achieved.
Did you like it? – Lena was embarrassed, did not answer.
Turned and continued to work at the computer.
She published a chemistry essay.
“Now it’s your turn.”
Gathering spirit, I said.
– What else is the queue ?.
You what
for what reason.
What do you mean!!! – Yes, you have considered me all, and she show? – What I saw is your problem, next time you will wear shorts! – So did you like it or not? – If you want to know so much, you liked it.
– she realized that let out.
– Would you like to see again? – She had long doubted the answer, because she understood what could follow.
– Yes, I would like, so what? – Can show.
– Come on.
– Getting up from the chair, lowered the shorts.
– Are you virgin? – Not.
– Want to taste it? – And pulled her head to the member.
How she sucked well.
I got a little lost.
Picking her up, we started kissing.
Stepping over the shorts, he began to take off Lena’s clothes.
She helped me and soon she got rid of a white transparent shirt, and a bra.
I stroked her young breasts.
Dropping her bed.
We fell on the bed.
Having lowered trousers, pushed aside shorts aside, slowly began to enter the member.
Her moans were heard.
But suddenly, like a piercing sound, the sound of a door opening.
Instantly, getting up from Lena began to wear shorts.
Lena, not wearing her bra, put on a T-shirt, threw her bra under the bed, quickly pulled on her pants and sat at the computer.
Brown, agitated nipples shone through her white jersey.
And my cock was standing upright.
Lena went to see who came.
It was the mother, seeing Lena in a transparent T-shirt.
– Who do you go here lure your charms.
– I wonder if she noticed how red she was, and Lena had a frightened face.
On such a face it is written. Most likely noticed.
When she entered my room.
– That you have such frightened faces that you did.
– Then she looked at my shorts.
I was on full alert.
Her face became much more serious.
Her face became a little harsh.
– What did you do here? – Abstract of Lena typed.
– I tried to justify myself, but it seems that this is not much true.
– Lena go to your room, I’ll be right there.
– Lena quickly went to her room.
– What do you think slept with me, everything is possible, it’s my daughter! Online watch animal sex.

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