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Seryozh, can you play some of ours? – Fuck, of course, let’s go! Now we have this idea! Let’s start with Letov! (Get yourself a Russian virtual lover-davalku! – good advice) – Come on! Then a banal binge went, and I myself raised my glass more and more often.
Ear ring tied behind me.
– Serge, I will come now, I have to piss.
– I’m with you, I want it too.
Let’s go together.
We walked a few steps away and I was about to unbutton my pants when Ear ring said (Beautiful blue love! – approx.
) – No, it is very close here, now girls will come here to write.
Let’s go further.
– Look, get lost in the forest.
– With me you will not get lost, do not be afraid! And he led me deep into the forest.
Some kind of suspicion arose in my drunken brain, but then disappeared.
We walked a little more and, finally, Serega stopped and began to unbutton his fly.
I got up close to him and began to do the same.
I put up with it for a long time and now I’ve been pouring everything I drank before.
When I was finishing, I suddenly felt that he was standing right behind me.
Without distracting from the process, I turned my face to him to see what he was up to.
And he started, apparently, the most indecent.
Because as soon as I turned my head towards him, he abruptly came close to me, wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him.
I had just finished writing, otherwise, from a jerk, I would certainly have poured myself shoes and trousers.
– Serge, what are you, eh? This is all I could ask, because my mouth immediately shut something warm and soft.
It penetrated my teeth and began to pull at my tongue.
When I realized that it was his tongue, I felt dizzy.
No, not from the fact that it was unforgettable, delightful, that I was in seventh heaven from bliss and in general it was a heavenly pleasure.

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I basically do not really like kissing.
My head started spinning from the fact that I understood everything, I understood right there, and this discovery made me feel bad – for the first time in his life he had kissed me and kissed a passionate pump, which meant only one thing – he gave up.
After 15 years of fighting with himself and with me, he gave up and now let me know it in such a completely unequivocal way.
After all, a natural can let a guy in his mouth, maybe even drunk to fuck a guy, this is all not counted.
This is momentary lust, when you don’t care where and with whom, even with a ram.
But to kiss a guy for naturals is below the bucket! Kiss is much more intimate than blowjob, rimming and anal sex combined! Only a kiss you can convey to the most dear and beloved person all your feelings, all your secrets and thoughts.
It was a signal for action on my part – I am defeated, I am yours, do whatever you want with me! And as if to confirm this, his hands twisted me in front, went down to my uncleaned cock, began to caress him, stroke him, gently pull him down and up, and then his right hand went straight into my pants, since they were on an elastic band, and grabbed me by the balls, and with his left he began to jerk my dick, which was slowly but surely beginning to get up.
If I had not been so drunk, I would

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have said that I was all in a dick.
And, probably, he would have finished right there.
But because of my moderate intoxication, I can say that I was very pleased.
I decided that if so, then you can probably immediately take the bull by the horns, turned to Seryozhka and also grabbed him for the member, which he did not have time to remove.
But that later, but now I wanted another.
I gently laid my hand on his neck and gently pressed down and toward me.
He understood everything and, not resisting, got on his knees and immediately, without warning, clumsily seized my mouth with a fully risen member.
I want to say – I already screamed! But I will say differently, I ooh! Sensations from the fact that the most beloved person in the world took in your mouth, can not be described.
The very fact that Shackle sucks my dick – albeit hesitantly, even clumsily, touching with his teeth and biting him (this is not scary, I will teach!) – is already driving me crazy! It can not be! It cannot be, because it simply cannot be! But it was in fact.
Seryozha grew bolder and dropped my pants down to my knees, after which he took my hands by the buttocks and began to stick his mouth on my dick. Online sex show com.

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