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Young flexible brunette performs a very, very good striptease.
She has a great body.
In some panties, she tried to beautifully retire, but she was not released, then she gets rid of them, attractively shaking her hips and sticking out her round ass.
The most persistent fan catches, flew off the fingers of her legs, lace triangle and presses to the face.
Guests groan with delight.

The girl looks at the lucky one: “Like?”.
The guy does not need to answer.
And then Slavka appears: – Who here gives my presents to the guests ?! The girl sprinkles from laughter, chastely covering her nipples and pubis with her palms.
– I want a passionate kiss on the lips! – declares our birthday man.
The girl gracefully crouches and tilts her face to glory.
– What are you, Mademoiselle, not such an innocent kiss, I’m already an adult boy.
I meant other lips.
The girl smiles and gets up.
The legs are together, the body is like a string.
Turns and bends forward, without bending legs, clasping his own ankles with his hands.
Her clean knot shines with moisture.

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Slavka jumps on a chair, and grabbing her hips, attracts to his face.
Silence reigned.
A good moment passed when Slavka emerged from her, and all of us, guests, broke out in cheers, and the girl deftly slipped off the table.
It was so impressive that in my thoughts I also visited my face between the buns and inhaled its aroma.
Antoshka shook me, and Antoshka, who had been hugging my waist all this time, noticed this.
He leaned over and touched his lips behind my ear.
– Do you want? – He whispered, and I prayed looked into his eyes.
– How? – Fuck me, please.
– Leave? – He tickled the skin of his neck with his fingertips.
– Here! – I insisted, and he laughed.
– As in a joke – it is impossible – too many advisers.
Maybe try to retire?
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