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That dick yourself! Let’s go.
The shower room was deaf, without windows, but with doors and light.
Andrew gladly washed Illya, beating the gel with his palms, caressing more than mine.
Do not touch your ass.
Massage can do? Tell Marinka to teach.
Wow you name to give.
What do you want? I do not know.
Anya, Anya, Anyuta.
Do you want Anyuta call you? Do you like? You fit, you’re so beautiful.
Well, Annie? Okay.
You are my beauty! Anya! Ilya embraced Andrew.
Gathering a full handful of gel, sat down and began caressing him to wash.
Suddenly, he caught himself wanting to kiss these baby chubby lips.
He recoiled.
Annie, remember, that and how we have here, not a word to anyone! Not a single sound.
I learn, I will kill.
I am not kidding.
You understood? Of course yes.
Of course.

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I get up again.
Let’s stoop.
Everything hurts there.
Well, then in the mouth.
No, don’t.
Let me jerk off to you? Okay, let’s go to sleep.
Andrei laid a dry sheet, and a wet curtain on the window, through which the summer dawn had already peered in, and the soldier could have looked in too.
After a contrast shower was easy.
I wanted to eat.
Ilya asked: Is there still a table? In the office.
Come on, bring it.
They brought a table, put it next to the covered one, but so that there was a gap between them.
Ilya generously divided the products for two.
There was even vodka.
Andrei refused to drink and told in detail (without some details, of course) why he did not drink, and how he got to the zone.
For our wedding! Ilya raised a toast.
He offered the second toast to Andrew: Annie, for you, for your beauty, you are my sweet.

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A few minutes later, Andrew offered a toast: For love! Okay, for the love.
Do you love me? I still do not know, but you are a good person, it is clear
Ilya, “according to the old yeast”, quickly got lucky.
He has got to hug and feel his Anya.
Then he took her to bed and captured her again.
This time he laid her on his back and lifted his legs high.
When he finished, he went, staggering into the shower, ordered his wife to wash his dick and wash himself and went to sleep.
The siren’s roar barely made them rise for the morning check.
Ilya slept all Sunday in the barrack, and Andrew in the studio.
The messenger barely got it for breakfast and lunch.
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