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I did what she ordered.
Lena took some belts and tied my hands to my legs so that I could not move.
Madam stood over me and struck.
I never experienced such pain in my life. It seemed to me that this blow took off my skin, I shouted so hard that it was probably heard even on the first floor.
– Madam.

no more.
I beg you.
– Well, shut up, for it you will receive plus five blows, but to not really shout it.
She took off her panties and stuffed it in my mouth.
– And now continue.
The blow followed the blow, I had already lost the score, I could not scream because of the gag in my mouth, and only moaned loudly after each blow.
I was located facing the entrance to the hall, and Lena had her back, so I saw her mother first, she entered the hall still in outerwear, probably only from the street.
– What are you doing here? Lena looked around sharply.
– Oh, mom, so here I bring up this slut, he dared not fulfill my order.
“Well, now, show me what you did to him.”
Natalya Petrovna (this is a slim, beautiful woman, about forty-five years old, who has not yet lost her attractiveness) walked around me and looked at my butt.
– Well done, daughter, slave must know his place.

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Did you finish the punishment, or did I interrupt you? – No, mom, that you I have already finished.
– Well, that’s right, otherwise you will accidentally kill this schmuck.
By the way, did you come up with his name? – No, I have not had time.
– Release him, I want to see what he is fit for, and while I go, I will change.
It was too painful for me to be surprised.
Lena came up to me and untied the knots, I immediately stretched out on the floor, my ass ached just terribly, so that the pain was given throughout my body.
I could hardly move.
Lena kicked me in the side.
– Well, get up cattle, which has collapsed.
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