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But in fact, I am the son of the land of Judaism, ”Shevchenko said happily, touching a mini-glass with Alex,“ and do not believe it, Alexander, even proud of it.
The drink was really good.
Although I burned my throat, but then I pleasantly enveloped my stomach.
In the morning, from the moment of landing, Alex did not eat anything, so a sip of even high-quality alcohol made him feel a little tipsy.
And already, to some extent, he was grateful to a new acquaintance for the fact that he appeared infamously from which station and just talked with him, distracting him from sad thoughts.
– Where are we going, Alexander? – Sergey Anatolyevich inquired, still looking intently at Alex, as if studying him.
– To Moscow.
– For work or rest? “More on work,” Alex sighed, sighing sadly, “I’ll look for you.”
“I see,” Shevchenko nodded with his head, “in search of happiness to the capital.”
– Yes, what happiness there.
I just want to find myself.
– What have you lost? – despite the seemingly old age, Sergey Anatolyevich’s eyes were young and piercing. Live sex tv show.

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