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There I gave her first aid, putting her on the stomach and smearing especially affected areas with ointment.
The blood stopped almost immediately, but it was scary to look at the terrible wounds.
It seemed that with her lovely buttocks someone had cut the skin into narrow stripes.
Most likely, now there will be scars, and she again will have to do insanely expensive plastic surgery.
Once she did it in the same place.
“It’s time to switch my energy to someone else and have fun with her with my wife,” I thought again and decided not to postpone the conversation on this topic, which I wanted and was afraid of at the same time.
2 Chance came quite unexpectedly.
The management of our Club has spared no expense in holding all sorts of orgies and high-society events, cleverly disguised as them.
One of them was planned under the steadily approaching New Year.
Guests and guests were expected from abroad, seemingly even from Holland itself.
A full list of expected events was distributed to the club members long ago, and in it I was attracted by the competition, from which I would have been the winner with almost absolute certainty.
It was about identifying the owner of the longest member among the members of the club (this funny tautology was printed on expensive paper under an unequivocal picture).
The winner received the right to choose any partner among those present (no one could forbid him to do it, not even his wife) and do with her everything he wanted.

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With only one thought that I would be able to choose any woman from the magnificently dressed crowd for myself, I was thrown into a sweet shiver, and the member jumped as if on a spring, sharply lifting the blanket.
Peacefully sleeping next to her, Larisa stirred restlessly, wanted out of habit to roll over onto her back, but, feeling the pain in her buttocks, turned over on the other side, found her own hands, threw them around,

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twisting her fingers, and fell asleep again.
A week and a half has passed since she again underwent plastic surgery on her buttocks, however, no one has guaranteed that her skin on the damaged areas will become as smooth and tender as before.
Larissa, nevertheless, was absolutely not in a claim to me, on the contrary, she said that she had experienced the most crushing orgasm in her life at that moment.
But with all my love for cruel entertainment, I still had a wife in the first place, so the family council decided to temporarily refuse punishment by flogging.
The terms of our family agreement (see the first part) have changed, more precisely, it has been amended.
Now each of us had the right to have fun on the side, with the condition that the second half will also be present at the same time and control the situation at its own discretion, up to the prohibition of one or another element.
In the case of Larisa, any means of punishment connected with skin damage were excluded.
I retained the right to punish her in any way that does not contradict the above amendments, of course, excluding the methods that hurt her honor and dignity to her degree in any way.
Based on the adopted amendments, Larisa could not forbid me to flog and torment other women.
Moreover, she herself could take an active part in it.
Over the years, I noticed that she was also not indifferent to other people’s suffering, and she liked to torture women more than men.
Besides, yielding to me in cruelty, she had a much more perverted imagination.
Together we had to make a good tandem.
3 Orgy was held in late December.
Our club has never seen such an influx of participants. Lingerie model sex.

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