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At home right from the doorway, mom, very angry, told me that she was thinking of me: – My son is sleeping with his girlfriend’s mother! This is just not heard! Then Olesya arrived. She immediately called me: – George! Do not dare ever come to me and never call! How could you?! You had sex with my mom! You are in my emergency.
Not only in the phone, but in life.
Later I learned that Anastasia had gone to another city.
No, we met her a couple of times.
She did not look unhappy.
Too serious.
At our last meeting, she said: – I am grateful to you! For all.
For our love and the main thing that you pulled me out of the swamp.
For 10 years I was a nobody, but now I feel like a woman.
A real woman! After about 5 years, I met Olesya on the street.
She was no longer angry with me.
She said that her mother married a man younger than her for 8 years in another city.
They already have a baby.
Olesya too.
And she, too, has been married for a long time.
She refused to give the phone number and address of the mother.
– Who knows you? You’re lonely.
You go to her and break her life.
That’s how my first love ended.
Few people know the fact that in the German-occupied territories of Europe and the USSR, from German soldiers were born, according to various estimates, from 700 thousand.
up to 2 million children.

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During the war years, I was taken to the army, I was not at the front, I was able to remain deep in the rear, Germany needed not only brave warriors, but also specialists in control of the occupation territories.
I had at my disposal a rural area with several villages and a collective farm.
There were no more than four thousand local residents, mostly old people, women and children.
On our side there were only ten soldiers and one officer, despite our modest number, we did an excellent job of keeping order in our area.
Being in the steppe area, we did not fear the partisans, raging mainly in the forests, but the fear in the face of the locals did not leave me and my guys until the very end.
It was the first Christmas I met away from home.
I was then 19 years old, the great victories of our army really pleased and inspired me, but nevertheless I was very upset, I had never so long left my home.
The winters of this war, as for evil, were the coldest of all that I remember.
On that day, I was very cold, the cold wind was piercing to the very bones, it was still very far from headquarters.
Without hesitation, I went into someone’s yard and began brazenly knocking on the door with a rifle butt.
Weapons are all afraid, and I always used it when I wanted to profit from something from the locals.
The door

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was opened by a red-cheeked woman of 30–35 years old, she was frightened to see an armed German soldier.
The woman silently went into the house, giving me the opportunity to enter.
In this house there was one single room, there was a stove, a couple of beds, a table with chairs and various utensils.
Most importantly, it was very warm here, if I did not find anything for myself here, at least I would warm up.
Seeing that I was not going to leave so quickly, the woman closed the front door, and in complete confusion, standing still rooted to the spot, continued to look at me. Korean models selling sex caught on hidden cam 17.

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